Top 10 ATP Shots From September 2019!

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  1. Can we please remove
    women caster????????

  2. Show me one tennis video where you don't hear YOU GOT TO BE KIDDING ME

  3. Se esses cara jogarem assim contra o Federer Nadal e Djokovic Dificilmente perderiam

  4. I love watching Dimitrov. So fluid and effortless looking shots. Almost live Federer.

  5. Zhuhai courts look exactly like ones in Melbourne, one can easily be confused

  6. 3:10 This smash sums up Kyle Edmund atm

  7. 3:17 lol crowd went silent.

  8. Who's the woman commentator at 2:03 ?

  9. Oh look its Daniel "Hits awkward slices all the time despite having a good backhand drive" Evans.

  10. Nick is not In this

    :/ something’s wrong

  11. I was sweating just watching these rallies.

  12. I think Bai is trying to copy Rafa''s style

  13. Seppi the best😄😄😄

  14. For once Nick is not here

    rip Kyrgios suspension

  15. Edmund 😱
    He saw the ball over his head. Was like, crap lob winner. Then was like, oh wait! I can reach it. And Boom single hand flick winner 👏👏👏👏👏

  16. 0:10 my table tennis friends and I dubbed that move 'the chicken wing' ^^

  17. I didn't think I could still be stunned when it came to tennis shots, but the Edmund/Zhang point, the Norrie/Monfils point and the Seppi/Zhang point were all insane beyond belief.

  18. This is very entertaining!

  19. 2:22 I like how the whole crowd goes "WOAH"

  20. The stretch Dimitrov does to win a point should be named as Dimi-stretch

  21. US Open ended in september, they could have included some shots from there

  22. Medvedev+

  23. Some amazing rallies this month

  24. Andreas🤩🇮🇹

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