People from all around the world love the intensity of Olympic Athletics! There is nothing more exciting than seeing some of the most talented, and quickest athletes in the world leave it all on the track! In this episode of Top Moments, we look back at the Top 10 final sprints at the Olympic Games, featuring:

10 – Haile Gebrselassie – 10,000m
9 – Evelyn Ashford – 4x100m Relay
8 – Pietro Mennea – 200m
7 – Mo Farah – 10,000m
6 – Dieter Baumann – 5,000m
5 – Peter Snell – 900m
4 – Dave Wottle – 900m
3 – Billy Mills – 10,000m
2 – Kelly Holmes – 1,500m
1 – Shaunae Miller-Uibo – 400m

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  1. Juulia Jokelainen Reply

    I mean where is Paavo Nurmi? He fell down during a race and still won 🌚

  2. Why are you including full on sprint races into “sprint finishes”? Is it really a sprint “finish” if the whole thing was a sprint?

  3. its amazing to witness the long distance races that are won that closely

  4. Number 5 is not Snell but Herb Elliot. They started on 300m to line so it was 1500m race not 800m. C'mon Olympics

  5. You're video captures the spirit of true competition. Thank you so very much for your beautiful compilation of these hero's of the sports world. Love from the Pacific NW! 👇🌟👏💕🏆

  6. Where is bolt 200m final n 4×100 final at Rio 2016???? We need those

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