Top 10 Ash Williams Evil Dead Moments

When you’ve got deadite problems, Ash Williams is your man! For this list, we’re looking at the coolest, funniest, and grooviest Ash Williams moments of the “Evil Dead” movies and TV series. So load your boom-sticks, rev your chainsaws, and hail to the king! What’s YOUR favorite Ash Willians moment in the “Evil Dead” franchise? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. He only swallows one tiny person of himself not several

  2. He was so sexy

  3. I own all three on VHS, plus metal lunchbox of Henrietta, with matching thermos. Any buyers?

  4. Can't tell if that's how commentator actually talks or if he's putting on a cheesy voice for a cheesy series…🤔

  5. Placing a Farewell to Arms book on top of his amputated possessed hand (the battle vs his hand is also awesome

  6. I'm gonna be Ash Williams for Halloween this year.

  7. I love that line from Possessed Henrietta: "Someone's in my fruit cellar!"
    Used that in a game of Call of Cthulhu and now we use it all the time.

  8. Oh, shoot; it's so obvious that I can't believe I didn't think of it before: Team him up with Hellboy and/or the original Ghostbusters and/or Mulder & Scully. 😁

  9. Ash is awesome no doubt about that

  10. Ash vs Evil Dead is severely underrated, Ash's best moment is hands down when he says goodbye to his daughter, Pablo and Kelly in the very last episode of the series. Another great moment is when he says "Groovy" in the post credits scene of Evil Dead (2013) and in my opinion better than the one from Evil Dead II because this scene announced Ash's return on-screen after a break of 20 years.
    I'm not trying to take credit from the original trilogy, it was great, every single movie, but Ash vs Evil Dead deserves more recognition.

  11. When the gray streak goes through his hair is truly one of my favorite scenes.

  12. Bruce Campbell the best Ash moments in Evil Dead history but I kind of like saw your soul but groovy is the best one at satellite TV shows gone out

  13. Everybody else might've already said it but I'm gonna say it, GROOVY!

  14. Hail to the king, baby.

  15. My favorite Ash William moment is when he told his own daughter to go fuck herself in ash vs evil dead

  16. This would have been much better an experience if the narrator would SHUT THE HELL UP!

  17. One moment you forgot is puppet ash from ash vs evil dead lmao!!!!

  18. 3:24
    Never heard that line before.

  19. When I see a video of Bruce Campbell or Ash Williams I say “Groovy”

  20. Not up the butt, not up the BUTT!

  21. I've never gotten into the Evil Dead franchise but this dude Already is epic!

  22. I miss Ash vs Evil dead.
    Great show

  23. Love The Morgue scene from Ash VS Evil Dead series, sooooooo freaking funny.
    Definitely my favorite horror series if not one of my all time favorite series period.

  24. Its sad they canceled the series i was really getting into it.

  25. Hail to the king baby

  26. At 9:48 Ash Williams losing his mind

  27. He needs to team up with Reggie Bannister!!!…

  28. youtube showed me this in the top of my subscriptions, even though ive subscribed to like 400 channels. thanks i hate it.

  29. You forgot about the post-credit scene in Evil Dead 2013.

  30. Was there any moments in the first Evil Dead?

  31. I always chortled at the maniacal laughter. Really cartoon stuff.

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