These anticipated Netflix originals of 2020 are sure to make the Streaming War extra interesting. We’re taking a look at the most anticipated new shows, as well as new seasons of current shows, hitting Netflix in 2020. Netflix isn’t dropping out of the Streaming War anytime soon. WatchMojo ranks the most anticipated Netflix originals of 2020. What’s your most anticipated Netflix originals for 2020? Let us know in the comments!
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  1. F is for Family is Awesome in many ways. I love Bill Burr's character.

  2. John Serrano Reply

    what about Stranger Things season 4? I know its pretty overrated but I am so hyped


    Im ready for Transformers War for Cybertron and Cuphead

  4. Big Guy’s 45’s Reply

    “F Is For Family” is actually pretty smart when you think about it. Also, I’ll be hopeful that the on screen adaptation of, “I Am Not Okay With This” is really good.

  5. Jerp grayson Reply

    Wtf Castlevania season 3 does even get an honorable mention gtfo

  6. Carol Danvers Reply

    I can't believed that you even mentioned AVATAR TLAB!
    Dark finale season either

  7. Can you guys do Top 10 Fall animes there’s so many good animes coming in October! Funamation has a bunch so dose Netflix! And Crunchyroll!

  8. LivanaFaolan Reply

    #1. I still wish the show-runners would dive deeper into the history of Hill House and its ghosts.

  9. Abhishek Mondal Reply

    F is for family is the best fucking show because of bill burr lmao

  10. Maria De Los Angeles Castro Villalba Reply

    "The Epic Tales Of Captain Underpants" Season 4 (2018-)
    "She-Ra And The Princess Of Power" Season 4 (2018-)
    "Harvey Street Kids" Season 3 (2018-)
    "Hilda" Season 2 (2018-)

  11. Ann Rafonzel Romeo Reply

    Can't wait for The Haunting!!! Hopefully everyone returns

  12. Glenn Hollis Reply

    O my God could we have a video on You, you are absolutely gorgeous

  13. if the narrator had black hair, I could convince my family that she is India!

  14. Micah-David Saunders Reply

    After reading plenty of reviews praising "I Think You Should Leave Now", I finally gave it a chance. Within the first 2 minutes, I was crying from laughter. Not every sketch connected with me, but the ones that did, hit big.

  15. Hey Netflix. are just do this. just have new Netflix show. We so won't Talk About. how you Cancelled Santa Clarita Diet. and din't give 4 season. or 5 season or a season 6.

  16. I really enjoyed F is for family… So fun it was… Eagerly waiting for the next season

  17. Crimson Black Reply

    Cursed looks interesting want season two of hilda though might check out locke and key

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