Top 10 Anime Heroes Who Were Given Incredible Power

Some anime characters get all the luck. Join Ashley in this countdown featuring anime like Naruto: Shippuden, My Hero Academia, Bleach, Black Bullet, Hellsing Ultimate, Yu Yu Hakusho, Fate/apocrypha, Tokyo Ghoul, Assassination Classroom, Attack on Titan, and more! This means awesome overpowered anime powers like Titan shifting, Kurama, One for All, and Bankai will pop up along the way!
Expect all your favourite shonen anime heroes like Izuku Midoirya, Ichigo Kurosaki, and Naruto Uzumaki to make an appearance on this list.
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#10. Sieg
#9. Yusuke Urameshi
#8. Seras Victoria
#7. Rentaro Satomi
#6. Ken Kaneki
#5. Korosensei
#4. Eren Jaeger
#3. ???
#2. ???
#1. ???
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  1. Imagine Guts had ichigo’s powers…

  2. Top ten names Ashley can't pronounce correctly….

  3. The pronunciation of these names is horrific. Nice hack job dude.

  4. What episode of bleach was that


  6. I mean yeah MHA is one of the coolest anime and all and i enjoy it like everything but wasn't it childish and going too far putting him on #1 on this list?


  8. Who else thinks it's so sexy when a girl likes anime too

  9. Lol Deku being number one solely cuz it’s the popular shounen anime.

  10. Missed a few. What about Age from Heroic Age?

  11. How do you mess up Deku's name

  12. I saw ichigo so I clicked it


  14. Deku!!! AWESOME!!!!!!!!! Go Beyond Plus Ultra!!!!!!!!

  15. I felt like a weeb for not immediately guessing the top 5

  16. Rien Maruun from yamada and the seven witches?

  17. Im gonna start a anime series what do you guys recommend I watch??

  18. Where's goku from Dragon ball and saitama from one punch man

  19. nah naruto getting the sage of six paths should've been it. that was the biggest ass pull ever

  20. Guys help me bring back Bleach by signing the petition on I just hope that this might bring back Bleach and we can see it in an anime adaptation just like what they had done for Naruto

  21. I came only for bleach and am happier to know he's in this top 3. #bleach for life

  22. What about Ganta from Deadman Wonderland? (still waiting for season 2…)

  23. 1:06

  24. I-I mean.. wait.. Izuku.. had no power?

  25. Yu Yu Hakusho, Bleach and Naruto were great anime shows from the past. I wish WatchMojo could've added Tsuna Sawada from Reborn, but it's good that Izuku Midoriya is on the list

  26. I am very sorry that Goku is not on the list!

  27. I love how your profile is metabots

  28. Asta from black clover as honourable mention

  29. Mob psycho's MOB is also a powerful character . He should've been in the list .🤔

  30. Ok I'm gonna say it…….

    Where is Kirito?

  31. The anime on mojos videos are just most popular anime characters. Fuckin weeb.

  32. God, this dubbed shit makes me cringe

  33. Y'all keep talking about Ichigo I'm on the fact that he gets every nearly every f**** name wrong you can't talk about a anime if you haven't watched it that's annoying Last Airbender all over again

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