Top 10 Animated Cult Movies

These underrated animated movies are must-sees! For this list, we’re looking at animated films that have devoted cult followings for their originality and quality. Since anime deserves its own list, cult favorites like “Akira” and “Ghost in the Shell” will have to sit this one out. Our list includes “Fantastic Planet” (1973), “Batman: Mask of the Phantasm” (1993), “The Iron Giant” (1999), “Waking Life” (2001), “The Secret of NIMH” (1982), and more! What’s YOUR favorite animated cult classic? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. “The Brave Little Toaster” was part of my childhood and “The Secret of NIHM” was part of my middle school years since by then I have read the book

  2. What about that Sinbad movie? its good & i really liked it.

  3. How about An American Tail

  4. Ferngully The Last Rainforrest should be on here

  5. The Last Unicorn had to be number one.

    …and this is one I can´t wait to see be made in live action.

  6. Brave Little Toaster now that's a less known throwback

  7. Awesome 😴 Sauce 👍


  9. I've seen most of these films, not all of them, and some of them I saw parts of. A good selection.

  10. Twice Upon A Time is worth a mention imo.

  11. The last unicorn was………………………….

    Feature a tree that shaped like a 🍆

  12. No mention of the animated "Hobbit" movie? That saddens me greatly.

  13. No Watership Down?, Plague Dogs?

  14. Saw the whole list because of a snapshot of Kubo, end of the list, no Kubo.

  15. The Iron Giant wouldn't be the last movie where Vin Diesel played an alien and we cried for him at the end. 🙁

  16. Really that for number 1?

  17. good list.. but Flight of dragons and Star Chaser : the legend of Orin should have been in there

  18. I need to quit doing drugs

  19. Only thing that scared me in Brave Little Toaster was that giant crane and that…masher…thing…whatever they're called. lol

  20. Fuck where is death note

  21. The Last Unicorn deserves to be HIGH on that list, NOT just an honorable mention!! It has more of a cult following than you realize. Not many of of our beloved cult classics have been put on a North American tour to play in theatres, but The Last Unicorn was done in 2014. I should know, I was there!!

  22. Makes you want to laugh, doesn’t it Artie?

  23. Well, time to start cheesin' with life again.

  24. I’ve seen the brave little toaster before

  25. I grew up on Little Toaster and Iron Giant on VHS

  26. Heavy metal
    Iron Giant
    Titan AE
    Heavy Traffic
    Black Cauldron
    Secret of Nimh
    Book of Life( not sure it counts, but it doesn’t get nearly enough love thanks to coco)

  27. How is The Transformers The Movie not on this list????

  28. I don't watch old movies
    but I can see works that use those as reference

  29. Under The Red Hood?
    Dark Knight Returns?

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