Top 10 Amazing Air Stunts that Saved Lives

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10. Capt. Robert Schornstheimer
9. Capt. Chesley B. ‘Sully’ Sullenberger
8. Capt. Alfred C. Haynes
7. Capt. Tadeusz Wrona
6. Capt. Karl van der Elst
5. Capt. Eric Moody
4. Capt. Robert Piche
3. Capt. David Cronin
2. Unnamed Pilot aboard Flight 605
1. Capt. William Hagan

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  1. Im suprised you didnt mentioned that number 9 had a movie made about it staring Tom Hanks as Captain Sully

  2. Might want to check out Fedex Flight 705. Only four people on board, but one of them was attempting to murder the other three. The pilot, who formerly flew for the military, managed to do some absolutely incredible flying with one side of his body paralyzed due to being hit in the skull with a hammer. In his attempts to assist the other two crew members to subdue the wannabe-killer, he managed several huge barrel rolls. IN A DC-10. When the plane landed and emergency personnel got on board, the ENTIRE CABIN was drenched in blood. Incredible.

  3. Most of these happened in the 1980's, most of those that survived are probably dead by now anyway.

  4. What an interesting list!

  5. Number 2. You failed to mention that was in Hong Kong…. I know as I live there. 🙂

  6. Sinbad why no mention of the Plane that run out of fuel and glided the 100 miles to land at Heathrow on fresh air every one survived Boeing 747 with 345 passengers flying Birmingham to USA dumps fuel and glides into Heathrow 29 September 2019 Check out the Birmingham Live website

  7. I have a question I don’t like my likes being tracked what can I do to help your YouTube page?

  8. If you do a part 2, Tammy Jo Shults & Southwest Airlines Flight 1380 would be an excellent one for the list.

  9. Captain Sullivan of Qantas air 330, 2008, 303 passengers. He definitely deserves recognition.

  10. I'm a pilot and I think you left out two major incidents. Ethiopian Airlines Flight 961 which was hijacked and landed in the ocean (on video) after fuel starvation (half survived) and Alaska 261 (nobody survived.) Alaska 261 pilots flew the plane upside down in an attempt to crash land. They almost pulled it off until the jackscrew on the tail broke and doomed the flight. It's one of the best displays of airmanship in the history of flight.

  11. Captain Piché will always be #1 in the hearts of the Québecois people.

  12. Most hero's don't wear a cape, but quite a few weat the captains hat.

  13. Great video as always. But is it just me, that it seemed strange 3 of the 10 occurred in 1989, and one in 1988? What's up with those 2 years and flight disaster/saves?

  14. Oh for sure do the Gimli glider !!

  15. Charlie Brown and Franz Stigler Incident World War 2 immortalized in book A Higher Call

  16. Captain Moody. What a great announcement.

  17. there were 398 people on board flight 2069 – no one died

  18. Huh. I've… heard of all of these. But then, I really, really like aviation history, so.

  19. Hang on you said that 10 people died on the last one with the terrorist but you said the cockpit crew took him down and the plane landed safely so how did ten people die?

  20. Do 10 Awkward Stories in the Koran.

  21. No one died in the number one incident! You have a typo in your caption!

  22. I think you might want to consider a 'part 2'.?.🤔🤔🤔

  23. 0:03 made me think "wait, is this about minecraft flying machines?" xD

  24. A new form of air conditioning.

  25. Old 666 B-17 Flying Fortress

  26. Too bad this wasn't top 30, I'm sure the decision to sort by lives saved was the only way you could pick just 10.
    The gimli glider is still my favorite, 69 souls and one plane saved that day.

  27. Love your videos! Keep up the work

  28. I'm suddenly reminded of the movie "flight of the Phoenix". The 1965 version.

  29. How is Alfred not higher on the list ?! Piloting with only engines has to be the most difficult thing in this list.

  30. hmmmm what about the "Gimli Glider"

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