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Symbiotes also known as Klyntar are the alien race in Marvel comics that gave the world characters like Venom and Carnage. Villains and sometimes heroes who have menaced Spider-Man and the rest of the marvel universe and of course they have also travelled the multiverse. These symbiotes have alternate versions are any better than the original find out with our list of the Top 10 Alternate Versions Of Symbiotes Better Than The Original .

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  1. because ItsFunny Reply

    What if venom bonded with Timmy from south Park. Vavavavavavenom or better yet Jimmy. Wehe wehe wee hee hua ararar a veeenom

  2. Joseph Farhat Reply

    You need to get your video advertising checked, have a aid from MTV, that's glorifying teen pregnancy.

  3. Joe Clements Reply

    I absolutely love Kelly and Roya. I like Amanda and Sasha too but Kelly and Roya are my absolute bias. Not to mention the Spider-Kitty bit was adorable.

  4. johnmburt1960 Reply

    The Spider-Manless Fox film Venom didn't make the Top Ten?
    I wonder what number he/she/they was…?

  5. Mad props for the Mattie Franklin reference. A poor series but still fun to hear mentioned.

  6. yasss kelly! you look amazing! love the new look 🙂❤️❤️❤️❤️

  7. Mz Chakolyt Reply

    Who is this woman, she looks new… but the voice is familiar. 🤔

  8. I think the bonus content was rather funny, if a little cute (not trying to flirt, just trying to be nice). As for the clip itself, I didn't know about all but the Venomized X-23 one, not sure if I spelt that right. Loved the clip, keep up the good work.

  9. John Martin Reply

    Kelly, the makeup is not needed but does look good. You do you, you awesome woman!

  10. I’m still not sure why the witches gave Eddie the stone….. were they expecting him to join them and slaughter everyone else? And why not give these stones to their troops?

  11. Broken Bridge Reply

    Please make one video on Top 10 Mutants with a Secondary Mutation.

  12. Broken Bridge Reply

    Please make one video on Top 10 Superhero's from DC's Earth-32.

  13. Matthew Mohri Reply

    If anyone remembers my favorite comedian Bill Hicks…I'd love to see a Symbiote version of Bill Hicks.

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