Top 10 Alternate Versions Of Superman Better Than The Original

Top 10 Alternate Versions Of Superman Better Than The Original
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Superman is DC Comics flagship character known the world over Clark Kent has become a myth. However, there are some who prefer another take on the man of steel meaning of course alternate versions. From the evil Ultraman, to twisted Injustice, to even more wholsome soldier supreme, explore a variety of alternate supermen with our list of the Top 10 Alternate Versions Of Superman Better Than The Original.

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  1. You missed 1 million Superman 1million

  2. Hi Amanda, my favorite Superman (men) and I know I am going to get backlash for these:
    1. New 52. No costume, just jeans and tshirt dating wonder woman. I
    2. Red and Blue supermen. The concept was different for its time.
    3. Doomsday Superman. To see the doomsday virus change Superman was awesome

  3. Am I the only one that thinks Amanda would make a perfect replacement for Rebecca Felgate on Most Amazing Top 10's main channel? Give this woman a promotion!

  4. Better huh?…. I suppose that's a matter of opinion. But i know who'd I'd rather meet if i ever find myself in DC and it's not Superman's evil versions.

  5. Mmmmm, Amanda. Tony Stark said it best. "I want one."

  6. I was expecting to see the Plutonian in this list

  7. 1:29Actually is Hank Henshaw soul, since his organic body was destroy by the radiation that grant Hank Henshaw the power to control metal and machines

  8. I really enjoyed Amalgam.

  9. Can we get a whole video on superdemon?

  10. Yo your a part of the team rocket XD

  11. I wish DC would do more with Earth-13, the home of Super Demon. Also, Superman One Million is my favorite Superman

  12. How dare you? Red Son? Anyone? Kkkkkkkk

  13. Team Rocket is back, nice👍

  14. DC 1 million Superman. He literally punched his way through time. The old earth 2 infinite crisis Superman. Had a tragic end and helped Superman beat Superboy Prime.

  15. My favorite alternate superman is John cena

  16. No mention of Red Son?

  17. Oru nalla.. Video. 👍👍👍

  18. Superboy prime
    New 52 Superman
    Earth one Superman
    I love the darker grittier versions more

  19. Number 1 Should Have Been The Thought Robot…

  20. Just hearing about your love of darker characters makes you all the more my dream girl… you're truly the best!!!

  21. Super soldier mashups Superman and Captain America this good the
    Amalgam comics be a feature something?

  22. Amanda is starting grow on me or is it because she’s shows a lot more skin.

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