Top 10 Alternate Marvel Zombie Superheroes

Top 10 Alternate Marvel Zombie Superheroes
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The Marvel zombieverse has proved a huge success for the comics spawning over 13 sequels and sticking with fans. It is one of Marvel comics most famous What Ifs and will be adapted on Disney + as a part of that section of the mcu as an animated series. Which Marvel zombies are the most interesting is it Spider-Man, The Hulk, Captain America? Find out here on Top 10 Nerd.

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  1. Favourite "zombie" outbreak is Blackest Knight, that reveal with Batman was insane.

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  3. You should also added lron man

  4. Marvel onwed the rights to the word zombie

  5. I wonder how Hulk got Infected and ant man well maybe before he turn small got bited

  6. I think Wanda deserves a mention:D

  7. Zombie Hulk: HULK EAT HUMAN!

  8. You would think Deadpool wouldn’t ever become a zombie bc of his healing factor

  9. Marvel zombies is so creepy I love it but I prefer the black lanterns because marvel zombies is just like wow everyone is a zombie
    But the black lanterns have character to them

  10. My fav Marvel Zombie gotta be a cheat…Spider-Ghoul!

  11. How would it be if Magus was the main antagonist of Guardians of the Galaxy if he was split up from Adam Warlock? How would it be Baron Mordo unleashed Nightmare on Doctor Strange in his sequel movie? Could the main villain of the Black Panther sequel be either Nightshade or Namor? How do you think that Mjolnir is going to come back in Thor 4: Love and Thunder for Jane Foster to wield, Is Eitri going to make another one? How would it be if Beta Ray Bill wielded Thunderstrike in the MCU since Thor has Stormbreaker? How would it be if Spider-Man stayed as Night Monkey in the third movie till he takes care of Jameson and Mysterio's cohorts in order to clear his name? Is Morgan Stark going to become Iron Girl in the MCU? How would it be if she was an Ally and tech support for the young Avengers? How do you think black widow is going to stop Taskmaster who can copy your moves even with the help of Hawkeye and Yelena Belova? Who do you think should be Nova in the MCU between Richard Rider and Sam Alexander, How would it be if Zorr was the main villain of the Nova movie? How would it be if Quicksilver came back to the MCU since the X-Men Franchise is over so there can be one Quicksilver now? How would it be if Dracula appeared in the MCU alongside Blade? Is Blade going to be a team player with the other MCU heroes? How would it be if we saw one of the Eternals appear in the present time in the MCU and are their powers genetic which can be passed from Parent to child? How would it be if we saw Tony Stark from another dimension come to the main Marvel Universe wearing the God Killer Armor in the MCU? How do you think Shang-Chi is going to be portrayed in the MCU? How will be fight against the Mandarin with just his martial arts skills since he has the power of the Ten Cosmic Rings which makes him as powerful as Thanos, Are both of them going to be Makluans disguised as humans? How would it be if Shang-Chi had magical Nunchucks in the MCU?

  12. Can you do top 10 facts about the Flash Villain Blood work?
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    Can you do top 10 facts about the Netflix show Voltron Legendary Defender?
    Can you do top 10 facts about the Elementals, Cyclone, Hydro Man, Molten Man and Sand Man?
    How would it be if Vulcan, Amatsu-Mikaboshi, Hercules, Firebird, Exodus, Ex-Nhilo, Captain Universe, Wonder Man, Molecule Man, Sentry, Mr Immortal, Captain Canuck, Starfox, Nighthawk, Tigra, White tiger, Silk, Spider Woman and Hyperion appeared in the MCU?
    Can you do top 10 facts about Dr Destiny, Psycho Pirate, Monitor and Anti-Monitor before the Crisis on Infinite Earths Crossover?
    Can you do top 10 facts about the Legion of Doom possibly appearing in the DCEU?
    Can you do top 10 possible members of the Masters of evil and the Sinister Six in the MCU?

  13. Can you do top 10 facts about Pariah, Harbinger, Ryan Choi, Dr Destiny, Psycho Pirate, Monitor and Anti-Monitor before the Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover?

  14. Can you do top 10 facts about the Flash villain Bloodwork?

  15. Who would win between these characters on this list?

  16. Which one of these Zombies do you think should appear in the MCU?

  17. Are we going to see the Marvel Zombies in the MCU movies and Marvel What If TV Show?

  18. How would it be if we saw these characters on the big screen or TV Shows?

  19. Can you do top 10 facts about these characters on this list?

  20. Imagine not putting Zombie Spider-Man in top spot.Shaaaame!

  21. Your a sucker for females

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  23. Ahem … YOU are so beautifully weird! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  24. 3:55 I'm sure Spider-Man ate Mary Jane a few times before turning into a Zombie! OH MY!

  25. Now I know why sue hates reed.

  26. Why do you keep dressing like garbage? Seriously! Figger it oot!

  27. Can’t be the only one realising the zombies got the power cosmic from eating galactas not silver surfer

  28. I LOVE this video and as always, Amanda, you're absolutely stunning. ❤

  29. top ten marvel zombies that hooked up with supervillains

  30. Sorry…I gotta ask…

    How is it possible for Wolverine and Deadpool to be able to be infected when they have the best healing factors. Wouldn't they be amune to any disease

  31. I wonder why Wolverine healing factor didn’t cure him of the zombie virus?

  32. On your next video can you talk about top 10 alternate version of the lizard please

  33. Okay Red what is on your mind with the comment ring my bell?

  34. Ms Red How Are You? Nice 2 see you.

  35. Top ten Alternate versions of Ben ten

  36. I just love the zombie verse x thanks for an amazing top 10

  37. Marvel Loganverse is just so much fun. And Amanda would be a good Phoenix, or not?

  38. Disturbing Marvel to me was Hulk and She Hulk having a family. Yeah that was twisted.

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