Top 10 2000s Stars That Flopped in the 2010s

These are the top 10 2000s stars that flopped in the 2010s. Where are they now… no seriously, what happened to these people? For this list, we’re taking a look at celebrities who were household names in the 2000s, but didn’t do so well in the 2010s. While some of these stars are still technically working, most of their credits have been obscure, poorly-received, and not nearly as prominent as their earlier achievements. From Elisha Cuthbert, to Josh Hartnett, to Sarah Michelle Gellar, to Seann William Scott, join WatchMojo as we check in on these 2000s stars that flopped in the 2010s. Which 2000s star here is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!
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  1. I love Brendan Fraser! He was great in Furry Vengeance! That movie is hilarious! Never fails to bring a smile to my face and is good for a great laugh after a bad day.

  2. Listen, because of so many problems faced during Brendan Fraser's personal life, he was clearly burdened by all that as well as medical issues, which slowed down him picking action movie roles. Yes, he has always done as many bad movies as good movies, look it up. But in the late 2000s and early 2010s he just wasn't offered anything good because of numerous reasons. I felt so bad that his life and his career were turning against him… He seems like such a normal, nice, grateful human being, and he's ALWAYS been a Great actor! Thankfully, now he's found a great role in a really amazing show, Doom Patrol, as well as roles in Condor and Trust, which he was stellar in. Give this guy some space.

  3. That’s show business you’re up then you’re down. Give them a hit film and they’ll be on top again.

  4. I wish people would stop going to Dr. Philobull to hear his fake or facetious advice.

  5. Numbers 7, 8 and 9 are all from the Twin Cities area. I guess that means I should stay out of Hollywood

  6. Brendan doesn't deserve to be on this list. 🖕

  7. Feel like giving Brendan a HUGE hugh, have a cup of coffee and with nothing but happiness to him.
    On the other hand, Tom Holland might be an awesome Spiderman but Tobey will always be MY Spiderman and I will always be grateful to him for being a huge part of my childhood

  8. With total honesty I always wondered what happened to Brendan Fraiser. It's sad that such good actors go thru do much bullshit. I wish da best 4 him tho.

  9. Brendan Fraiser is a amazing Actor!!!!!!

  10. Damn I miss the 2000s now

  11. 1:17 there is a serbias flag in background. 😂

  12. some of them just fizzled out because of age.

  13. Well like my like of the message i want to say my brother was born in 2010 and i am born in 2000

  14. Brendan Fraser still a badass I love his character in Doom Patrol and I hope he gets another chance in the movies soon I would love to see him headline some new movies

  15. Brandon Fraser was sexually assaulted by HFPA president and golden globes called it a joke. He has been through a lot, but flop. Nah he is absolutely killing it in Doom Patrol

  16. Brendan Frasier flopped? Yeah right.

  17. How is Josh Hartnett a flop when he DECIDED to leave the industry?

  18. So basically if you stand up for yourself and not sell out for the sexual predators in Hollywood you'll flopped

  19. I'm about throw hands! Don't talk shit about Brendan Fraser!

  20. Isn't Brendan in a major movie coming out eventually?

  21. Freddie Prince Jr. got sick and almost died, his wife Sarah Michelle took care of him. That is why they both fell off the map.

  22. 2010s??? I thought 2010 was one yr lol

  23. I was about to defend Brendan Fraser with a swift but he is awesome to find most of the world had the same feelings. 🙂

  24. Who was that little black Spider Man ?

  25. Seann William Scott starred in 2018's Bloodline. His acting in that movie is really good and definitely proves he's not only able to play dumb dudes in comedies

  26. The 2010s is still the 2000s.
    Get a grip mojo, please.

  27. Tobey Maguire is a legend , and the best Spidey

  28. Wow, a lot of Brendan Fraser supporters here 🙂
    That‘s cool. I always enjoyed his movies.

  29. Orlando Brown is dropping 🔥 music. Do not mention him here.

  30. Unsubscribed for your disrespect of Brendan Frasier. It is widely known his situation and depression and you are adding to the pain and suffering of a human being, for shame.

  31. Elisha's last name is pronounced cooth bear.

  32. How DARE you, Brendan Fraser is a national treasure 😎

  33. Brandon Fraser was my first crush when I was a young boy,
    When he first appeared as George of the jungle, I knew I was gay

  34. There’s a big difference between taking a step back from your career then staring in duds.

  35. Amanda Bynes should be on this list

  36. Brendan Fraser is just fine with Doom Patrol. In DC and Marvel you should trust

  37. Where is Cuba Gooding, Jr?

  38. How dare you try to put this garbage out on Brendan Fraser? The guy is an American treasure who’s endured a lot, who is this video helping? This is just bullying and putting people down. How many movies have you assholes been in?

  39. Yes, but why did Brendan Fraser become JR from Dallas 🧐

  40. Kanye west as number one?

  41. Brendan Fraser Is a Legend.. Respect Him & Tobey Maguire Is The Real Spiderman The Best Ever 🔥
    Tom Holland Is a Joke 😏

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