1. I miss u christina;(💜🌷

  2. Oh man… what a tragedy that Christina Grimmie was denied the chance to grow up, prosper and share her gift with the world. Dammit. I'm crying.

  3. Makenzie Thomas 🙂

  4. Good compilation. Thanks for posting it!

  5. Christina Grimmie RIP 💔. Will always be my favorite.

  6. Where Is Melanie?????

  7. Without Sissaundra Lewis…. It's just not a Top

  8. Wrong, missed We MacDonald, so NOT top ten

  9. Top 10 white female additions? Apparently no women of color ever auditioned? Sandy Redd, Kahda, Kennedy Holmes?

  10. And where are Sisaundra Lewis and Tessane Chin? :(((

  11. Where tessane chin.. Try

  12. Girl with blue bayou is one of my favorite

  13. So they left out all of the Black female contestants who could sing all of these women off the planet. BULLSHIT!

  14. Judith Hill is good too

  15. Uh what? First one was awful. Annoying off key voice.

  16. Hannah Huston? ❤️

  17. One of my favourite parts of these blind auditions is their families reaction, so proud and happy is amazing.

  18. Makenzie Thomas ♥️👏🏻👏🏻

  19. Keep that Jennifer judge america, shes so ott and annoying.

  20. A top 10 without We Mcdonald is not a top 10 list.

  21. Maelyn Jarmon's rendition of "Fields of Gold" is amazing. Really showcases the range and purity of her voice.

  22. I had to rewind. Brooke Simpson is amazing. She deserved that shoe. Throw it again. Throw both of them.

  23. A good Audition can make a finalist. Christina Grimmie made an outstanding audition, she was the whole package. Voice, talent and stage presence. Die in prison the idiot who shot her.

  24. You forgot Judith Hill.

  25. I would add two more… here's one…

  26. C'mon where's Kennedy Holmes audition!

  27. Christina Grimie still on my Heart <3 :)) Rest In Peace 🙂

  28. Cristina R.I.P 💔 she was the best of the best

  29. Make a top 10 is absolutely impossible… Too many talented women on this show.
    Based on the audition only, there are so many underrated female contestants that deserve a spot like Ashley Morgan, Mikaela Astel, Lilli Passero or Ciera Dumas

  30. 2:09, first cry! so sorry.

  31. That stone cold, chills all over me👏
    … I wished I was blessed 2😇😇😇😀

  32. Cristina 💔 R.I.P, we'll never forget you, forever in our minds

  33. Am i the only one sick of seeing Christina Grimmie in so many of these videos? It's sad that she died, but she wasn't THAT good.

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