1. The judging is so stupid on these shows – so many times, the judges have to look at the reaction of the other judges before they decide. And sometimes they turn around after 2 seconds, which means they haven't heard the range of the voice or the musicality. I respect Tom Jones, because he may look around, but ultimately, he always seems to make his own decision.

  2. So stupid when a black guy use sunglasses in a building and it's dark…and is a judge…

  3. 18:10 "well i wasn't expecting that"

  4. You should write in the description of this video each link with the red video and the name of the singer! 😀

  5. I bet that last guy devoured the competition

  6. I come always to this music to see the 1st gentleman.

  7. hahaha Sir Tom usually turns on a higher note….only! 🙂

  8. Andreas Kummert should be on here definitely

  9. At 16:30 that lady rocking looks possessed.

  10. Where the fuck is IBE from like the Belgium one and Dominic Hayes from last seasons USA?

  11. I agree for most but sawyer Frederick's on there is a disservice

  12. OMG!!! The first guy is awsome

  13. When a man loves a man, what a feeling and whata voice! Goosebumps all over my body ☝️💥💣

  14. Soy el comentario en español que tanto buscabas veve v: <3

  15. # 2, great voice!!

  16. Can anyone tell me the name of the guy in the ball cap, dark ski. He sang something about Freedom or Redemption?

  17. This is legit the best compilation ever, who agree with me?

  18. Where is Ash Morgan? Matt Henry? Jordan Smith? Akis Panagiotidis? Pierre Edel? Simon Morin? Dom Paulinho Lima? Tiago Nacarato?

  19. Is the 3rd guy spiderman ?

  20. The first guy was damn good

  21. What is the name called judge in the thumbnail? Tnx

  22. Okay that’s a pretty flawless compilation right there lol

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