The Top 10 – Stanley Tucci Movies

It’s a banner day here on the Top 10, hosted by John Rocha (@therochasays) and Matt Knost (@mattknost), because we’re eschewing the normal focus on the major star and instead devoting the show to one of film’s best character actors, Mr. Stanley Tucci. The man has quite a catalog of movies to choose from, some good some bad, but he is always excellent in them. We hope you enjoy and join the discussion with our other fans either on twitter or over at

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  1. Why is the KIN in KING KONG blacked out on the logo? Did I miss something lol
    Great lists guys.

  2. I imagine Ed Wood would be up there on that hypothetical Top 10 Top 10 list.

  3. Rocha "doesn't want the adulation" from Schmoedown fans? Hahahaha he is so full of shit I'm surprised chunks of it aren't falling out of his mouth as he speaks… also, we aren't going to have another economic crisis akin to 2008 because of deregulation? That's beyond dumb. Lol

  4. I would have Shall We Dance on my list. Sweet movie, and Tucci is wonderful in it.

  5. A similar type of list would be top 10 Mark Strong films, the guy pops up everywhere

  6. Great show as usual 👍

  7. I'd put my money on Heat being the most mentioned movie in Top 10 history #doyourememberHeat

  8. the girl Katniss befriends is Rue and the jock she fights at the end is Cato

  9. Thanks for talkin bout The Tucc! Us Collider Live folks really appreciate it. ☺

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