The Top 10 Sneakiest Plays in Esports

When it comes to esports, everybody wants to be an action hero. Everybody wants to get that map-winning ace clutch, everyone wants to dive that tower and secure the kill for their team. But sometimes, stealth is the better part of valour.

So, from backdoor plays, to ninja defuses, we look back and rank the top 10 sneaky plays in all of esports.

Written by: Malcolm Abbas (@Smashhh)
Edited by: Andrew Faigal (@Brrrning
Hosted by: Colin McNeil (@McNeilColin)

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Music used under license from Associated Production Music LLC (”APM”).

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  1. Hmm. How fishy no easiest money of my life?

  2. PashaBizeps… ok dude

  3. Where is the sneakiest play by the C4 bomb against G2 csgo where the bomb hide and G2 can't defuse?

  4. But where´s the nuke defuse of hoorai vs. faculty, where the CT´s defused the bomb through the ceiling? That's even more sneaky because they didn't even blow a hole in the wall to get their defuse

  5. Some say Ocelote is still crying at that moment 😀

  6. Where's the play from "Lakad Matataaag"? That deserves a spot.

  7. Pasha deserves number 1, just because im bias, I love the man. but literally though, that pasha play deserved to be placed higher.

  8. The list doesnt have Krimz's Ninja defuse !!!!!!!! R I P

  9. Where's
    "Lakad Matataaaag, normalin normalin"
    "Uy uy uy uy uy"
    "Easiest Money of my life"

    Fanatic vs Secret

  10. Dota 2 xNova Steal Aegis deserve

  11. I love that Tomie sweater btw!

  12. what is more iconic the xpeke backdoor or ocelote crying after?

  13. Instead of Zunba's OW clip, you should have put in Dafran's graviton from above on Hollywood from season 2 of Overwatch League.

  14. the throne in LOL has no backdoor protection? Why does Xpeke's opponent didn't just tp home to defend? (I don't play league obviously)

  15. I do gotta ask, why the old OWWC Zarya instead of the 9000IQ Dafran boost on Hollywood that nobody else even realized was doable?

  16. suprised that snax sneaky 3k vs nip is not up here

  17. they Just missed The 2 most famous CS sneek plays. ninja defuse atempt by Spawn and the roof defuse on nuke by a french team in 1.6

  18. friberg was number one you anime hurensohn

  19. Junji Ito's tomie T-shirt, nice

  20. I don't want to back door "that" subscribebutton

  21. No Snax Kato 14 mirage play? 🙁

  22. I know that “NO ONE HAS EVER DONE THAT!!!” Meme, but i still don’t know what was being done that moment 🤔🤔

  23. He said 3, but there were 2

  24. i am not playing lol and dont like lol so i cant understand the number 1 can someone explain that this is an easy thing

  25. Make a video on Topson already he's a prodigy.

  26. Hearthstone toast sac pac lord Jurassic park

  27. bruhh that dafran zarya ult was just as good as zumbas

  28. 7:28 called it!! hahahaha I'm so proud of myself right now

  29. The Siege one should've been #1

  30. Where’s dafran?

  31. the recent SKT vs RNG deserved to be in this list
    (twisted fate , with 2 other tp teammates)

  32. Yo where can I buy the Junji Ito merch at? That is niiiiiiiice

  33. They must have forgot EL TRUCO

  34. I expected Snax sneaky defuse would be here

  35. The Xpeke back door is the most overrated play in esports history and it isn't even close.

  36. 7:20 Clutch minister is the stupidest nicknames for someone who is good at clutches. I like Sadokist but I felt like he forced it for a single one liner.

  37. You didn’t add the Overwatch Sureford play but you add an easy Zarya play? Back in Season 6 (I believe) everyone was doing that in high diamond and masters/grandmasters. Usually it was just her chucking shot everywhere tho for ult charge

  38. whered you get your sweater

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