The top 10 mascot moments of all-time in college football | SportsCenter

10. Colorado’s mascot Chip the Buffalo has incident with t-shirt cannon (2018)
9. Texas A&M’s mascot Reveille runs away from handler (2015)
8. Southern Miss’ mascot Seymour and Alabama’s mascot Big Al get into a fight on the sidelines (2002)
7. One of SMU mascot Peruna’s handlers can’t keep up and gets dragged (2011)
6. Ohio State’s mascot Brutus shakes off tackle from Ohio’s mascot Rufus (2010)
5. Colorado’s mascot Ralphie the Buffalo runs over the handler (2008)
4. Georgia’s mascot Uga tries to bite Auburn player (1996)
3. Oklahoma Ruf/Nek holds flag despite falling out of Sooner Schooner (2018)
2. Bevo (Texas) charges at Georgia’s mascot Uga (2019)
1. BYU’s mascot Cosmo Cougar boogies down with the school’s dance team (2017)
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  1. And the Sooner Schooner just takes over #1 effective 10-19-19.

  2. Thanks ESPN for reminding us that when you "kill a dance", you are not actually murdering the dance or anyone in it. Are commentators really that worried over everything they say so much that they have to qualify everything now?!

  3. Mormons: we dont like gays
    Also mormons:


  5. byu mascot was lit tht night

  6. That's my nephew being dragged on #3, he is amazed it made it in this vid.

  7. You haven't heard of Sebastian the Ibis? Literally arrested once against FSU. Also was penalized for excessive celebration against UF

  8. Is the RKO copyrighted or has this guy never even seen wrestling once?

  9. And nothing about the Washington band chasing the Oregon mascot off the field?

    tsk, tsk, tsk

  10. The Fact That He Called The Stunner A DDT Pisses Me Off

  11. WTH is #1? I don't care about a bunch of Mormons dancing. Bevo deserves #1!

  12. Bevo will always be the best

  13. Bevo better be on here

    I was right! 🤘🏽

  14. Bevo and UGA hands down the best one… Sorry folks.

  15. #1 is what Sparty does every week

  16. 0:40 that is clearly a stone cold stunner. Know you're wrestling

  17. Imagine not having puddles on this list

  18. The A&M one should be when in 2014, an SMU player ran out of bounds and his momentum carried him towards Reveille, only for her handler to physically knock the player aside and out of the way.

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