The Top 10 Major Moments in CS:GO

CS:GO is one of the best esport out there and when it comes to the biggest competition in CS, there’s just something special about a Major.

Which is why this week’s Top 10 will count down the biggest moments to ever take place on the game’s biggest stage.

Now when we say a Major moments, we mean everything from underdog storylines, to gut-wrenching endings and sick plays that have stood the test of time.

Now let’s get on with the Top 10 Major Moments in CS:GO’s storied history.

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  1. Man, i called before the tournemant that ence were going far, and nobody listened……

  2. 1:58 It hurts to this day. VP won some tournaments afterwards,they played some great great matches,but that was the point they changed. It is really heartbreaking remembering how I felt about this match. They had it all…They lost it all.

  3. Damn this video got me goosebumps and feels

  4. Pronax : lets switch awpers with riflers

  5. Damn that coldzera's play still gives me goosebumps. what a legend

  6. Fnatic were DSQ because HE SIMPLY COULDN’T DIE

  7. What about Summit1g? (I know i dont need to mention the play)

  8. faLLing awp stiLL the best graffiti.

  9. kqly's jumpshot on dust2 was memorable.. only to be forgotten because of a vac ban.

  10. How is zeus only placed at 7? Should definitely have been either 1st or 2nd…took a t3 team to a fucking major final…

  11. 9:24 i just notice the skin on the screen isn't atomic alloy or is it just me ?

  12. Stayed home from work for 4 days to watch that C9 run in Boston… Genuine tears #neverforget

  13. Nr 1 Is some random jumping lucky awpshots? excuse me??????

  14. Nobody talking about this but i actually almost reared up seeing that ence's entry on the stage in major finals, being almost certain that finnish cs isn't ever going back on the worldmap.

  15. Astralis, can't get through semi's
    Astralis now, HEHEHEHEHEHE

  16. s1mple falling no scope is 10x better than cold's random jumpshot… Pure IQ versus Pure RNG… For shame.

  17. c9 is the best major moment imo. nobody pegged them to win but they did it. It's such a fairytale.

  18. how does he doooooooiiiiiittt. impressions 10/10!

  19. I haven't played CS:GO after Cloud9 won the major. Did Stewie get a graffiti on that B hold on Inferno when it was 15-14?

  20. Im just waiting for Simple's major win…

  21. 8:10 did he say olfmeister

  22. Now these guys have to add Avangar's run in the latest major, I guess.

  23. I think this needs remaking with device's 1 v 3 against NRG, 3 headshots, 3 bullets and 3 hp. With a usp

  24. even before i watched the vid i know that olofboost S1mple's jump shot on cache and coldzera's jumpshot on mirage

  25. If you look closely to the left of the csgo logo in thumbnail someone’s fist looks like a face lmao.

  26. If i was zeus id say get the f outta here navi

  27. 5:06 he instead know someone is top cheat and 5:27 wtf correct me if am stupit i know its not cheat thing like this happen but in cs.go most cheat game .

  28. I was for faze but the Boston major was the best imo

  29. as much as i love that play and Coldzera stop,putting that shit it's just fucking lucky there is so much more skill plays but nah who cares a brazilian guy with a lucky jumping awp followed by about 10000 orgasm in the crowd

  30. i was waitng for the s1mple cache noscopes 🙁

  31. coldzera at B apartment is not skills. it's luck only, cold desperate and try his luck. that's it.

  32. Pasha carrying a Cup on IEM Katowice 2019

  33. Anybody know the music they used? Goosebumps man, Goosebumps.

  34. Goosebumps at every highlight

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