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  1. Let me know what you think of my Top 10 list and TELL ME who you're going for!!! 😀

  2. Cesar Romero Reply

    I’m going Roberto Carlos and Nesta

    I already got Nesta and he is amazing with a shadow
    Solid tank and brick only problem is if u get him out of position it could lead to a goal but u play good (me) he is op

  3. smileyyface11 Reply

    Should I go for Hagi? Or someone else? (For example crespo and Carlos..)?

  4. Who do I pick michel Owen , hagi , or anyone else under 22 tokens PLEASE HELP

  5. Daniel Parody Reply

    Getting pep and kluivert cos I think kluiverts better than crespo for pace

  6. Its "without further ado", not "without further or do".

    With some better script and less repetition to these videos they'd actually alright and watchable. But atm..fuck that

  7. OLGZ _YouTube Reply

    Why is everyone ignoring Rivaldo and Crespo. The two cards look unreal insane

  8. George Sostrym Reply

    So, The random pick is on the list (No4) , and Roberto Carlos is not… Man, you lost me there…

  9. you tell me you would choose the icon pack instead off Roberto Carlos

  10. how did you not include Klose for only 12 tokens?? ite half of the tokens of drogba and hes just as good as drogba??

  11. Please dont get fooled by this video and get the base icon pack, it's really not worth it

  12. nesta move like an tractor he is too slow dont take him i am very disappointed from this card

  13. Thomas Stadler Reply

    I will go for Zanetti… Only Endgame Player and probably an insane CDM

  14. Vintage Carmine Reply

    I wanna get emilo butragueno but I’m not sure if I will have all the tokens to get him

  15. Doppel Sauger Reply

    Hey nerdfire great video could you help me decide? Already picked roberto carlos mainly because i really like him back in his days but he is also great lb, now cant decide if get crespo, guardiola, or nesta, i feel like next icons swap i can get someone way better than creapo, guardiola seems nice tbh, and nesta im not sure if his agility will be an issue i feel like fast agile player will leave him bitti the dust, what you think

  16. Can someone tell me if I need to use exact 7 first owned players in the rivals matches or can it be 8, 9, 10 or maybe a full starting XI with first owned players? Cause EA not said 'exact' 7 players I'm not sure if I can use more…

  17. Ok. Your IQ is quite low.

    You and your coin buying and promoting websites can go fuck yourselves.


  18. Loïc Alexandre Rangel Lamarche Reply

    Rui Costa look pretty decent in my opinion

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