The Top 10 – Final Battle in Movies

It’s a fantastic patron topic this week thanks to Matthew Jasso here on the Top 10, hosted by John Rocha (@therochasays) and Matt Knost (@mattknost). Matthew suggested we discuss the best Final Battles in movies and we couldn’t be more excited to run the gamut of films that fight this definition. There are literally hundreds of movies to choose from, so what did we miss? Let us know over at to make your voice heard and if you’d like to pick a shows topic like Matthew Jasso then join us at

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  1. Rogue One sucks ass. It's a beautifully shot mess with non characters, awful story and really lame shoehorned cgi of dead people faces.

  2. I own Master and Commander… Never seen Excalibur.

  3. Endgame's "A-Force" scene is fine, I'm glad a bunch of people love it, but it is contrived. AND Captain Marvel could literally fly straight through that entire army by herself, so she didn't need backup anyway. Lol

  4. You "have to" use pronouns that are made up and completely incorrect grammatically and biologically. You may get berated for being a "misogynist" just because you said something people don't agree with, but this is all making it a better world for us to live in, right? Ha so dumb.

  5. 1.Battle of Helms Deep LOTR:Two Towers
    2. The Entire MCU vs Thanos,Black Order Outriders and more Avengers: Endgame
    3.Pike an Company vs Englstrum and Federales The Wild Bunch
    4.Kaneada Vs Tesuro Akira
    5. Algren & Lord Katsumoto Moritsugu
    Vs General Bagley The Last Samurai
    6. Don "Wardaddy" Collier and Fury company. Vs Nazi Fury
    7. Mad Max & Imperator Furiosa Vs Immortan Joe. Mad Max Fury Road.
    8.The Magnificent Seven both versions.
    9. Surprise Vs Acheron Master and Commander of the far side of the world.
    10.Wyatt & Doc (The Regulators)Vs Curly Bill & Johnny Ringo various outlaws. Tombstone.

  6. Great show as usual 👍

  7. Nothing will ever beat Helms Deep battle.

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