The Top 10 Biggest STOMPS in Esports

David vs. Goliath, Rocky Balboa vs. Apollo Creed, Captain America vs. Thanos — everybody loves an underdog story. The problem is that in reality, the underdog usually gets stomped!

So today we present the Top 10 Biggest Stomps in Esports.

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Written and Edited by: Andrew Faigal (@Brrrning)
Hosted by: Colin McNeil (@McNeil)
Production Assistance by: Brendan Fahey (@Drillbit_)

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  1. -rep didn't include NiP 87-0 run

  2. I love how they stomped Doublelift

  3. What about some of the dreamhack and cologne 2014 matches?…. Bravado good beyond stomped by c9 and planetkey Dynamics got face stomped

  4. Fnatic winning 18-0 EU LCS 2015 Summer Split, not dropping a game

  5. You guys finally got a podcast form thank you guys for all of the content

  6. None of Rocket League? RLCS Worlds Season 4 Finals (Method vs Gale Force)? RLCS Worlds Season 6 Finals (Cloud9 vs Dignitas)?

  7. I remember there was this all female LOL team that got completely decimated I don't remember the name tho

  8. I was hoping to see Vaevictus's 2019 season or the time that some random dota players played in a league tournament and got thrashed, but I'm biased, and some of the other stuff was spankbank material for fans of those games, I'm sure. Hard not to respect someone being that fucking good.

  9. Sure Shock Golden stage was great but how did you guys left the stompage that was the Finals?

  10. Team liquid 322ed the LoL match

  11. How do you even forget the NiP 82-0 stomp? I know it was over a long period but it’s literally 82 straight wins on LAN.

  12. IG SKT shouldve been on here as well lol

    Fastest game in international LoL history

  13. I Just watched until no 7.

  14. astralis 3 majors in a row

  15. you forgot Cloud9 Major Boston win, the best CS finale i ever saw. And the Win everything after stay on the edge 😀 love it!

  16. What about SKT beating everyone in 2013? Not just in worlds but also in msi and lck?

  17. low key wanted to see Chillindude vs Leffen on this list

  18. mani can at least understand whats happening in league kinda. dota makes no sense visually to me its just a cluster fuck 🙁

  19. SonicFox Defines STOMP in any combat fighter game possible, He's the man, the myth, the legend, that any opponent who want to tease him shall be afraid of ;P

  20. OG also showed that you can be racist and have no effect on you or any punishment

  21. I’m surprised threshes entire quake career is not on here especially his win against entropy.


  23. Kinda wished that the Kaydop, turbopulsa, and violentpanda rocket league roster was in this one. Literally not a single team could stop them for basically 3 seasons.

  24. I wish there was more FGC representation. That is really the only esports i follow.

  25. Bro’ll shootcho ass through da window like he faze temper. -BabyTron

  26. no mention of the dignitas dynasty in RLCS Season 5 or Cloud9’s RLCS Season 6 Finals run? there are esports other than LoL, Dota, the FGC, and CSGO you know.

  27. Next you should do top 10 reverse sweeps.

  28. lmao the msi trophy looks like the world cup lmfaoooooooo i didnt know that

  29. Team Liquid VS Newbee TI7 Grand Final? Allo?

  30. Not the time to bring up NA League 😪

  31. You forgot Cs go NIP 87-0 dominance/stomp over cs go

  32. How was Sam Francisco shock v Vancouver titans grand finals not on this it was a 4-0

  33. OK but at least the guy who got 0-13 can live with the fact that he isn't a furry.

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