The Top 10 – Best Movies of Summer 2019

SPOILER ALERT!!! It’s our annual tradition here on The Top 10, hosted by John Rocha (@therochasays) and Matt Knost (@mattknost), to breakdown and discuss our favorite movies of the summer. We haven’t seen them all, but we’ve seen most. Once again, SPOILER ALERT on all these movies. If you haven’t seen them or don’t mind the movie getting ruined then trudge right along. You’ve been warned. Below are the timestamps for each movie we discuss. Enjoy!

The Farewell – 8:22
Spiderman: Far From Home – 11:17
Ready or Not – 17:12
Midsommar – 22:29
Yesterday – 24:56
The Peanut Butter Falcon – 30:05
The Art of Self-Defense – 36:41
The Last Black Man in San Francisco – 39:12
Crawl – 41:41
Toy Story 4 – 44:05
John Wick 3 – 49:46
Once Upon a Time in Hollywood – 52:39
Avengers: Endgame – 1:02:40

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  1. I like both of you guys, but John's take on Once Upon and Matt's on Toy Story are just… ugh, so wrong

  2. I think it was sad to hear their opinion of Spider-Man Far From Home! That movie was excellent! At least it made their top 10. I do agree that Zendaya just plays a weird character who honestly has no chemistry with anyone.

  3. The two indonesian short guys Keanu fights (and spares their lives) both played in The Raid. One in both of them, the other one in the second movie . The scene in JW 3 (and not killing them) was clearly a hats off to them.

  4. Timescodes! What time to be alive!

  5. lolol just listening to them talk about Spider-Man I'm not sure how that made both of their lists

  6. I love how when Rocha loses ANYTHING fair and square, its actually not fair and square (to him). Then he tries to guilt trip you for HIM losing… they even had to switch coins because of it. Lol he's basically a toddler.

  7. Face/Off is wonderful F both of you

  8. #nightowlsquad where u at???

  9. Great show as usual 👍
    (I don't get out to movies like I used to, so I greatly appreciate the time stamps! Works perfect in the Castbox app for those with Android!)

  10. Woody: A Toy Story Story.

  11. Sad to hear their opinion about Bad Times at the El Royale. It was very well done.

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