The Top 10 200 IQ Plays in Esports

You’ve all seen it. The kind of play that blows your mind and makes you think “how the hell did they come up with that?”

Well, we wanted to celebrate the genius behind some of the smartest plays in esports history. So here are our top ten 200 IQ plays across all of esports.

Written and Edited By: Sebastien Martin-Schultz (@Seb_dot)
Hosted By: Daniel Rosen (@Daniel_Rosen)

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  1. Fountain hook should be the number one😂

  2. you can make 200 iq list of dota alone XD

  3. While I get that you can't just fill half the list with OG TI plays, I feel like the topson bait at bot rax into jerax/Ana relo to take top rax in TI8 GF game 4, and notails Chen stealing the creepwave to defend bot T1, denying the power rune, and pulling the wave to Ana alch with his creep all after dying both deserve to be on there, over gyro diffu even.

  4. the million dollar dream coil was the end of puppey and dendis friendship, that puppey walked up that hill instead of going the other way and stopped dendi was a devastating mistake and whether dendi could forgive, he probably couldnt forget, and that was the end of an era

  5. Backdoor : exist

    EternalEnvy : Hold my Weeb!

  6. dota best game in the universe

  7. That rocket league clip at 10 is not even impressive tho

  8. Gyro diffusal my ass, what about that IO hitting lvl 15 with Tome just before this fight ?

  9. Disguised Toasts Sacrificial Pact is legit the biggest brain play I've seen in any Esport.

    He had to put a card in his deck that was more or less dead against any opponent other than warlock, and he had to fake a huge misplay to make his opponent play Lord Jaraxxus into that one card.

    I do not follow Hearthstone Esports in large, but that play from him just made my jaw drop.

  10. I never knew rocket league is an esport…

  11. Yeah that was probably the wrong Scarlett clip: I thought I remembered there being a bigger detonation later that ended the game.

  12. Why am I watching this I have no clue what's happening in any of these lol

  13. How is the idra rage quit not in this?

  14. 3:34 high five denied

  15. I wish I knew what the fuck is happening in LOL or Dota.

  16. Replace Rox's TP cancel with Navi's Fountain Hooks against TongFu at TI3 and maybe we'd have a real list on our hands.

  17. Sumail’s alche blademail

  18. Number 2 is fluke play. Number 1 really require a great IQ to make that kind of decision.

  19. You forgot the 2018 Twister cup finals wot blitz

  20. Some of these games make no fuckin sense to me

  21. How is the NTH roshan bait not on this list?

  22. i love gaming but damn, dota, lol, cs go and overwatch are just terrible games imo. only "esport" game i can get behind is starcraft. makes sense i guess since i don't like football, baseball or basketball. only interested in skating, surfing and snowboarding. individual effort > team effort

  23. "uses an ashe arrow like even i a fucking silver would" 200 IQ INHUMAN!?!!

  24. No Na'Vi TI3 fountain hooks? I'm dissapointed 🙁

  25. What about the Global Pudge Hook?

  26. About that number 3 play, get_right did it multiple times with mollotov before and talked about it right before the tournament with thorin so… all dosia did was listen to getright

  27. WHERE's Faker VS Ryu ON Zed???

  28. No snax in Here? 😮

  29. If that Dosia nade is 200 IQ then everyone in the game with a nade to spare is Einstein.

  30. Alliance's 200iq Roshan bait was pretty 200 iq

  31. League of zzzzzzzzzz zzzz zzz

  32. Uhhh….. Does the Daigo parry video count?

  33. Does anyone watch the Dota bits in this video and be like wtf is going on???

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