THE HERD | Colin unveils his Top 10 teams ahead of Week 12; 1. Ravens 2. Raiders 3. Patriots

THE HERD | Colin unveils his Top 10 teams ahead of Week 12; 1. Ravens 2. Raiders 3. Patriots
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  1. Cowgirls at #8???? Lmao these folks on crack!!!

  2. Haha seacocks ain’t better than the 9ers especially he pats gtfoh

  3. Keep in mind that the chiefs beat the raiders ravens and Vikings lol but they #10 🤣😂☝️

  4. Give the Bills the number 8 spot and you have a good list.

  5. Colin, I love my Raiders. But it might be too early to put them ahead of the Patriots at #2.
    Top 10 or wild card is good enough for me right now.

  6. Seattle is a couple missed FG away from being 6-4..the Rams and 49ERS both missed FG to beat them..the Rams a short FG and the NINERS missed with a second string kicker they picked up off the scrap heap..the Hawks are more lucky than good and that's unsustainable..

  7. 49ERS at 5 huh??..a missed FG in OT by a second string kicker away from being 10-0 but you got em at 5…suuuuuure, only the Pats and Ravens are close to them in point differential at +140…its all good, we'll see what's what when Kittle returns along with Sanders, Breida and Ford…

  8. Damn Joy Taylor is baaaaaaad

  9. As a raider fan you cannot put us ahead of the chiefs when they embarrassed us in Oakland, wait until we play again week 13 for all that. I’ll take number 10 no problem and be happy as hell with that for now

  10. The Best Play Off in Super Bowl Teams in the NFL. 1.Redskins 2. Giants 3. Jets 4. Buccaneers 5. Bengals 6. Lions 7. Falcons 8. Jaguars 9. Broncos 10. Bears 11. Titans 12. Browns 13. Chargers 14.Panthers… One of these 14 teams will win the Super Bowl.

  11. The Bills are the most hated on 7-3 team of all time. Keep hating while we keep winning.

  12. Joy is the woman you take home to mom and dad
    Molly gets put on Snapchat while giving you head

  13. The patriots and saints should swap. I pike this list otherwise

  14. Colin cowherd Jason Whitlock and a few espn shows are the only people talking about the raiders

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