The Flash Season 6 Episode 7. The Flash 6×07, Negative Flash Reverse Flash Scene, TOP 10, Easter Eggs. Crisis On Infinite Earths Scene and Finale ►
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Covering new The Flash Season 6 Episode 7 Mid Season Finale. Negative Flash Scene, Reverse Flash Scene Explained. Spiderman Far From Home Mysterio Scene Easter Eggs. The Flash Rebirth Negative Flash comics changes. And Crisis On Infinite Earths Scene.
There will be more Crisis On Infinite Earths Trailer and Teaser videos soon. Crisis On Infinite Earths Episode 1 is in a couple weeks. The Flash Season 6 Episode 8 will be part 2 of the Mid-Season Finale! I’ll post my new Flash Trailer video soon.
More videos for The Mandalorian Episode 4 coming soon too!
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  1. Emergency Awesome Reply

    Here's The Flash Season 6 Episode 7 Negative Flash video and more Crisis On Infinite Earths easter eggs. Let me know how many you spotted! Here's the new Crisis On Infinite Earths Trailer video too!

  2. Christian John Reply

    I would love it if reverse flash helped Barry in the next episode.

  3. The Black Bone Reply

    I wished the lightening if reverse flash would've been better

  4. Gamma Thunder 212 Reply

    Is the other reverse flash in another tv show because we haven't seen him since legends

  5. I seen that they aren’t calling this Flash negative flash but Dark Flash

  6. ColoradoChris Reply

    Favorite moment was Grant acting the hell out of this episode. He was happy, sad, scared, angry all at the same time

  7. Jerome Henry Reply

    Did anyone else notice the continuity mistake they made with Barry’s blood type? In season 1 when Cisco tested the blood from the wall he found one of them to be Barry’s blood but it was a different blood type than what it was in this episode. No clue why I remembered that but 🤷🏾‍♂️😂

  8. I Love when Ralph is fighting Ramsey and Ralph punches Ramsey through the sewer drain!

  9. Fisher Theo Reply

    6:39 Why are you callin' it a Wormhole Alien. Quit spreadin' b.s.

  10. Ishama Erinac Reply

    Fave moment: when Barry begged to hold his daughter😫 OR when he reverse flashed his “mother”😳

  11. Sparkly Mop Reply

    Does Bloodwork give anyone else get Sam Raimi Spider-Man 3 Venom vibes?

  12. Tramaine Terrance Reply

    Really cool episode of The Flash. Bloodwork is a good villain. I just love the way he operates. Well, all these DC characters aren't ready for what's coming. The Crisis will destroy everything and everyone. Countless billions will die, but it must end somehow.


  13. Zephyr Mitchell Reply

    My favourite scene was when Barry hallucinated team flash at thanksgiving. Absolutely terrifying to watch.

  14. Andrew Abasi Reply

    My favorite part was when Barry killed his mom/speedforce just like Reverse Flash

  15. Hacksaw Havoc Reply

    how did barry get infected from one small droplet of ramseys blood but ralph is fine even though he had way more of ramseys blood

  16. The wormhole speedforce said there are forces. Maybe forces from comics?

  17. Hammad Shahzad Reply

    I heard a lot of Savitar theme at times they showed barry during the episode so I don't know about you guys but there is something fishy about that.

  18. CrazyWeirdo Reply

    Favorite part?
    Barry: "You're not my mother, you're the reason I buried her" gave me chills LMAO

  19. Dennis Playz Reply

    When Barry turned around and he had black teeth and white and black lightning

  20. Zȩȵɉȶɧ Rɉȵǥɱȧƨȶȩr Reply

    My favorite part was the sequence starting when the black goo started seeping into his old room. That's when I knew he would lose the battle against Ramsey.

  21. shenanigansrule Reply

    That shot of Flash smiling with the black eyes & teeth all I could think of was is he the Flash who Laughs?

  22. Hedel Torres Reply

    Sendhil Ramamurthy, Ramsey, is playing an awesome villain. Very believable and scary… really jumped out of my seat watching these episodes.. this could easily be a Halloween special.. glad they didn't, would have taken away from it.

  23. Ziyad El Sayed Reply

    My faviorate moment was when the flash reverse flashed the speed force like wait what !

  24. Brazilian Goddess Reply

    Is it just me, or is The Flash steadily getting cringier and harder to watch each season?

  25. I don’t think I’ve ever seen Barry so messed up before bruh

  26. Superstition20 Reply

    Once he woke up, I knew something wasn't right! So is Cisco going to get infected too? Only wondering since he touched Barry's shoulder there at the end as Barry revealed himself

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