The Flash Season 6 Episode 6 – TOP 10 WTF Batman Superman Teaser Breakdown

The Flash Season 6 Episode 6, Batman Smallville Superman Teaser. Crisis On Infinite Earths Teaser. Superman Scene and Negative Flash Rebirth! ►
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Covering The Flash Season 6 Episode 6 Easter Eggs, Crisis On Infinite Earths Teaser. Smallville Superman Tom Welling Scene, Kevin Conroy Batman Scene and Kingdom Come Superman Scene Easter Eggs. Sue Dibny Scenes and New Negative Flash Teaser and The Flash Rebirth Storyline!
There will be a lot more Crisis On Infinite Earths Trailer and Teaser videos in the next few weeks. I’ll try to cover all the most important stuff in my videos.
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  1. Here's The Flash Season 6 Episode 6 video and a lot of new Crisis On Infinite Earth's Smallville Superman and Batman Teasers. Post all your theories! Here's my new Crisis On Infinite Earths Trailer video too!

  2. When barry gets Medal ( FAV moment )

  3. Barry hit here with a bottle i was so weak

  4. Reeves becoming Kingdom Come and Routh's KC Reeves Batman

  5. I really like how the Flash and Ralph were tied to the chair referenced the old 60s Batman when Batman and Robin were tied to a chair. The action in the episode had a lot of the feel of the 60s Batman only without the “Pow” and “Bam!”

  6. I think wells is actually hunting the anti monitor but doesn't know there is a difference between the 2

  7. Did anyone else hear Ralph say he's got a jackhammer in his car. Why does Ralph have a jack hammer in his car? Lol

  8. i am a huge Muse fan, so hearing Supremacy play during the big stage fight was definitely my favorite part! what a treat! loved the Barry/ Ralph stuff.
    not so much with the Chester stuff

  9. I love that frost seems to have the book of Ralph wherever she is to reference it. the joke being it's way too big to carry it around regularly

  10. I feel like I missed an episode with all this black hole org stuff, can anyone link me Charlie's vid on the episode they were introduced so I can get a better background?

  11. I think every show is going to have a casualty from Crisis!

  12. This was the worst episode so far imo. Excited for the crisis episodes tho

  13. Kill Cisco and get new one every season like Harrison Wells from other Earths

  14. I haven't watched Supergirl and Black Lightning after season 1… Is that going to be a problem in the Crossover?

  15. Drunk Barry & Ralph becoming central city new hero & Barry metal of honor & Nash & Allegra scenes.

  16. Chester referencing Doctor Who was funny 😂😂😂

  17. Where’s the watchmen episode

  18. Fav moment 5 million and 1 price is right style

  19. My favorite moment was when Wells just spilled the beans on everything. Including The Flash identity. Like it was no big deal. #spoileralert

  20. I think Cisco will die for Oliver but more likely he'll die for Barry

  21. Flash is in dire need of better writers. Seriously, they keep having these 3 or 4 different storylines in the same episode that it’s so distracting and doesn’t even align with the main plot. If they keep doing this, I’m afraid the show will be cancelled.

  22. a fun way to subvert expectations would be if the guy they are setting up actually turns out to be antimonitor. nice bait and switch. also could be giving cecile air time because they plan on killing her off soon

  23. Mine was Barry getting thrown and Nash going "yeah you could have killed us all." That had me laughing so hard

  24. Bruh these last few flash episodes were sooo asss like why is barry fighting with no powers! And getting hit like he can’t dodge out the way this show should not be called the flash instead the comedy of clowns

  25. You missed a possible Easter egg where Barry says what you have a knife shoe and a grappling belt witch could be a shout out to joker knife shoe and the Batman grappling belt from the dark knight 🤷🏻‍♂️

  26. i hate cecile sooooo much. the acting is cringey and her story arcs are cringey

  27. I feel as if they are going to either kill cisco or have cisco retire as they really have nothing left to do with the character. They basically have completed his character arc and i don’t see anything else they could really do with the character.

  28. Appreciate that in infinite crises Michael Turner cover brother nice nod to one of the best artists that ever was , rip MT.

  29. I don’t think Ralf will die but if he does I’ll be so sad

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