The Best Upcoming ACTION Movies 2019 & 2020 (Trailer)

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Included in this compilation are Rambo 5: Last Blood, Zombieland 2: Double Tap, Top Gun Maverick, 47 Meters Down 2, Underwater, Terminator 6: Last Blood, The King’s Man, Gemini Man, Star Wars 9: The Rise of Skywalker, Jumanji: The Next Level, Black and Blue, Midway, Charlies Angels, Mulan

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  1. Black and blue looks so dumb. Was waiting on some bull shit like that to come out. I ain’t wasting my money on a movie saying cops are the bad guy and thugs are heros✌️

  2. Tom Cruise the reaL MAVERICK not some blond haired guy

  3. love the double tap very funny

  4. I dont like Jumanji

  5. Didn't John Rambo have kids? Why couldn't they hire a new young star like they did with the last Rocky?

  6. No new one!
    All of them are sequel movies..

  7. Looks like "Underwater" as an action movie … is still a better romance movie than "Twilight."

  8. Zombieland doesn’t come out till tomorrow and I’ve already watched it twice.
    Great movie 👍🏼


  10. Was goin' on. You havin' a heart attack? Breath. Breath. Eddeh!

  11. 26:00 OMG Kristian Stewart can smile

  12. Charlie's Angels looks promising…

    to be the worst movie in 2019

  13. Am I just high or all this looks like low budget shit !!!!!

  14. 4:15 Tom cruise grim reaper he dint look getting old still handsome😍😍

  15. Movies against the nazis, movies against the Japanese, movies against the Vietnamese, movies against the Mexicans, and all of these movies portrait Americans not only as" right, and on the side of God", but much more capable against any enemy (very doubtful). In any other country this is call propaganda of the worst kind – I believe the Nazis used it to convince its population that the were out to get them, as were the Russian communists. This crap is not even dumb entertainment, it should be call brain washing for the already dumb and deaf.

  16. Films for low IQ mother fuckers, everyone is lame as shit.

  17. EVERY film looks fucking lame….Speed up the videos at 1.75 & see through the Hollywood bullshit – 4 of the films re-makes, rehashing the same old bullshit, the original story lines all weak. Common, give me a break this is all fucking lame, weak ass shit

  18. Make a Tango with Rambo !

  19. Problem with america is they believe their own bullshit -didnt work with Turkey steam rolling into Syria, where are your "top-guns" Rambos, Gi-Jo`s now? They believe their own bullshit storylines, the world sees through it.

  20. Awesome and amazing trailer's I can't wait…I'm exciting…😱😱😱😱

  21. 9:58 The idea of the liquidmetal and endoskeleton separating and working together is a good idea.

  22. It's official Hollywood need writers. Stop wasting money on directors pay some good amount to writers this is just remake special or same poison wine in crappy bottle

  23. the first 2 Top all others ar flop

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