Testing Bourjois Makeup – Does It Work?! ✨ ad

Hello! In this video I test out lots of Bourjois makeup including their new lipstick range full of beautiful nude shades!

WHAT I EAT IN A DAY! 🍟 (Realistic) :

Rouge Velvet Lipsticks :
Blur The Lines Primer :
Healthy Mix Foundation :
Healthy Mix Concealer :
Healthy Mix Powder :
Chocolate Bronzer :
Blusher :
Brow Palette :
Brow Design Brow Gel :
Liner Reveal Liquid Liner :
Volume Reveal Mascara :


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*This video is very kindly sponsored by Bourjois however all opinions are my own, as always!*

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  1. Nelson be like… Keep on doing makeup I will check what's going on outside the window… Few minutes later.. Ahhh I don't wanna sit here 😂🐈🐱

    Subscribing your channel just because of Nelson.. ❤️ 🐱❤️

  2. What foundation shade are you using? And what’s your Mac / Estée Lauder double wear shade?

  3. it would be better if u tell the number of the lipstick than the name

  4. Love this!! Could you do a full face of Elf makeup??? /review? Love ya💖💖

  5. This is the look that i go for every day…
    I just want to say that you look so beautiful without makeup ❤❤❤

  6. I love the foundation x

  7. Thank you so much for doing this video! I've been curious about this brand for ages, so finding your video was just amazing. Thank you

  8. Eyebrows could be done better.

  9. Hi
    Do u recommend Borgois primer for dry to combo skin?

  10. You look stunning beautiful!!😘💗💄

  11. What’s your shade in Mac

  12. I too love the rain..😍

  13. Is it suitable for oily skin???

  14. I would love to see the skin care routine

  15. would LOVE a skincare routine!

  16. Is the primer really good and really helps your skin poreless and smooth?

  17. i love your nail colour!!

  18. Guys help I have the healthy mix gel serum foundation and I was wondering if I should try the original or stick to the serum

  19. Love love love love love.

  20. I loved the caramel shade !

  21. What nail polish are you wearing? It's beautiful!

  22. That lip color is just 🙌 I need it

  23. You makeup is always so so so gorgeous

  24. Please, please do a skincare routine, you have amazing skin! <3

  25. please do a skincare routine xx

  26. Love that brown lipstick!

  27. Love this look Gabby! You look lovely ❤️

  28. You always do such autumnal makeup looks

  29. I Remember when you used to use that foundation all the time made me buy it!x

  30. You look so pretty 💞

  31. Hey gabbie! Could you do a clothes hall soon????? 💕

  32. i love the liquid lipstick in natural 07!
    really love your makeup! <3

  33. Incredible job!!! 🙂

  34. How do people keep their beauty blender clean? Mine gets so manky so quickly! Even if i wash it weekly, it still gets rank then makes my foundation looks patchy af and doesn't give, me the coverage it does with a brand new one! If anyone has any tips please let me know!!!xx

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