Star Wars The Mandalorian Episode 4 – TOP 10 WTF and Easter Eggs

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Covering new Star Wars The Mandalorian Episode 4 from Disney Plus. Star Wars Easter Eggs. The Clone Wars, Star Wars Episode 9, Original Trilogy, A New Hope, Empire Strikes Back, Return of the Jedi Easter Eggs. The Mandalorian Baby Yoda Scene. Mandalorian Fight Scenes and The Mandalorian Episode 5

The Mandalorian Episode 5 will air next Friday. Be sure to find a way to watch the series if you don’t have Disney Plus yet.

New Rick and Morty Season 4 Episode 4 video and new Black Widow Trailer and Marvel videos coming soon too!

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  1. Here's The Mandalorian Episode 4 video and Easter Eggs. Let me know how many you spotted! More coming this weekend. And Big Trailers. Here's my Mandalorian History video too!

  2. are the paintings in the end credits rendered in 3d?

  3. Great video!! thanks for all the easter Eggs!! woow
    But please I watch your videos after watching the chapter.. and never seen anything from the following chapters so please avoid spoils.

  4. That was the very first time for me to see a woman blessed with body-strength AND beauty.
    normally they put in some hulk-looking woman for that kind of role. finally someone chose a different path.

  5. Do you think we’ll see more Jedis ?? 😂😂 not really a big fan of Star Wars, I only liked the originals

  6. Not an Easter egg but there was a cameo in the episode by Eugene Cordero of "Tacoma FD". He was one of the villagers that convinced Mando to help against the raiders.

  7. The artwork during the credits was awesome

  8. I wasn't a big fan of Stars Wars but this show got me hooked! Even rewatched all the movies to understand the easter eggs. The power of Baby Yoda

  9. Can you explain why other Mandalorians take their helmets off in canon?

  10. I need a real baby yoda to stay alive ;(

  11. Where the hell did this show come from? How is it so amazing? After all the junk Disney has put out with their SW material falling completely flat and then here comes a TV Show of all things that brings back that love of SW. Feels like Star Wars for the first time in forever.

  12. Was it just me or did he have the old chest armor when he was walking into the bar/food place right before the cat thing

  13. What about the mother of all easter eggs in the fact that the Krill Farm from above is a dead-on for Tony Stark's Arc Reactor? Jon Favreau did write these after all…..

  14. Mediocre episode. 3rd episode wasawesome, 4th episode was sloppy and filler.

  15. Jango Fett is a true Mandalorian. he was even the Mandalorian civil war. Boba Fett is not a true Mandalorian since he didn’t grew up with there customs and believes.

  16. 7:00 Pre Vizsla, Bo-Katan, Sabine, Ursa, and Tristian are all Mando'ade that remove their helmets. Not removing your helmet is most likely a later tradition.

    Also Jango and Boba are real Mando'ade, IDGAF what the current "canon" says, they were the ones that the Mandalorians were based off of, and to me saying they're not real Mando'ade is like saying Obi-Wan isn't a real Jedi.

  17. How does the mandolorian have more armor in episode 4 than episode 3. He had one shoulder plate on episode 3. He had 2 shoulder plates, 1 chest plate and leg armor.

  18. I was upset they didn't let my boy eat his frog

  19. Is it just me or when baby yoda was ab to be assassinated i wanted him to pull a kylo ren and stop the blast mid air

  20. *Cough. Almost sounds like Jango's childhood. Being taking in by Chester the leader of the mandalore. But not Canon :p

  21. I'm not sure if Jango was never a Mandalorian or if he just lost touch after becoming a slave. Also, we know other Mandalorian's who didn't keep their helmets on…Pre Vizla anyone? We KNOW he was a Mandalorian but of a cast out clan. I agree Boba was not a true Mandalorian but was raised with as much of their history as Jango could share before he died. So, not sure it's an accurate description of Jango or Mandalorians or just a portrayal of the New Mandalorians since the Purge.

    Also wondering who was the Vizla who captured the dark saber, anyone? Torch? She became a Mandalore SWTOR 101, LOL.

  22. Also, shame on you Charlie for blaspheming by saying Jango Fett was not a Mandalorian 🙁

  23. All I want is for Baby Yoda and the Mando is to be able to go back to that village and live in peace 😭

  24. Its been a while that ive watched a show for kids and was constantly reminded of that fact. This is comic book writing brought to the small screen. Dull.

  25. Baby Yoda is definitely starting to seem like a clone of Yoda, the way he was messing with the Mandalorian’s ship could be a throwback to the way Yoda messed with Luke’s stuff in Ep 5.

  26. The Widow was giving Cara some serious side-eye every time Dune was with Mando.

  27. what do you mean Jango wasn't Mandalorian? He was a foundling, just like this show's Mando. Boba and the clones weren't Mandalorian because they weren't raised in a tribe, or followed the traditions. Did Disney de-canonize this? or what

  28. Why didn't you mention that he takes off his helmet to eat?

  29. I thought it was weird how Kara said they couldn't take on an AT-ST when she also said she had been on Endor… Kara, don't you remember that the freaking Ewoks did it with logs and rocks?

    Also, why did the farmers think a wooden barricade would stop blasts from the AT-ST? Why didn't it blow them away from a distance?

    If Mando and Kara are going to sneak into the enemy camp and destroy something, why not just disable/destroy the AT-ST?

  30. Why doesn’t he remove the tracker of baby yoda

  31. the mandalorian obi wan clone . there have fun wacthing the series

  32. Jango fett was 100% a mandalorian. Just fyi. Check it out. Also the rifle that the lady villager fires at the pan is a callback to Bossks weapon.

  33. it sucks that the obiwan series takes place during a completely different time, we need crossovers!

  34. Bull Burr.? Love it

  35. Another great video! This wasn't my favorite episode…until I watched it a second time, wherein I really enjoyed it even more. It's hard to get everything in within 40 minutes.

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