Star Wars The Mandalorian Episode 3 – TOP 10 WTF and Easter Eggs

Star Wars The Mandalorian Episode 3, TOP 10, Easter Eggs. Baby Yoda Scene, Star Wars The Clone Wars, Darksaber and The Mandalorian Episode 4 ►
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Covering new Star Wars The Mandalorian Episode 3 from Disney Plus. Star Wars Easter Eggs. The Clone Wars, Star Wars Episode 9, Original Trilogy, A New Hope, Empire Strikes Back, Return of the Jedi Easter Eggs. The Mandalorian Baby Yoda Scene. Mandalorian Fight Scenes and The Mandalorian Episode 4
The Mandalorian Episode 4 will air next Friday. Be sure to find a way to watch the series if you don’t have Disney Plus yet.
New Rick and Morty Season 4 Episode 3 video and new Marvel videos coming soon too!
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  1. Here's my new The Mandalorian Episode 3 video and Easter Eggs. Let me know how many you spotted! I'll do more Mandalorian bonus videos before Episode 4. Here's my new Baby Yoda Scene and Jedi History video!

  2. I hear Baby Jar-Jar is coming. #MeesaNotLikeDis

  3. I hope he gets his hands on the dark sabre at some point

  4. “He’s having a tiny little anxiety attack.”

  5. Jon favreu might be a marvel and star wars god now… but I still think his best work ever is CHEF.

  6. "Let them know, tell them, whoever they send, I'll kill them. I'll kill them all." Of course you will…

  7. THAT Kowakian monkey-lizard (Salacious Crumb species) roasting on a pit was probably the one in the cage in the earlier episode that was looking at the first one being cooked. Since there was no other of its species around and some time must have past (and the first one would have already
    been eaten).

  8. Was I the only one to pick up on the bounty hunters guild leader saying to the mando I'm your only hope?
    "Obi wan your our only hope" message reference??

  9. did the empire use b2 battle droids or was the village massacre not the purge? I hope it was during the clone wars. Love that they're including something of that era

  10. Aww, look at his little ear flapping in the wind!

  11. Jon Favreau wrote all the episodes so far and DAMN. He needs to stick to this and not that Disney Live Action crap.

  12. i hope we see the darksaber in this series

  13. Dear Charlie,

    a detail is disturbing me.
    twice during the forging ceremony, the Blacksmith has asked the Mandalorian if he ever removed his helmet. twice he has reponded that he never did.

    How on earth is he eating ?

  14. Mando and Baby Yoda has more charisma and chemistry than Rey, Finn, Poe and the other characters in the sequel trilogy.

  15. can anyone tell me where I can watch it online on my country(Indonesia) since Disney+ doesn't work here 🙁 ???

    edit: and don't tell me to move to another country
    second edit: idk, like… seriously?

  16. What if Rey was injected with baby Yoda DNA and was the only one to keep her force powers that's why she was put into hiding so that the first order didn't get their hands on her

  17. mandalorian crews come to rescue the day was fr*cking EPIC, almost as badass as the terminator/the darth vader version of mandalorian, wish they make more of it…

  18. Man the effects are so good, even for a Streaming service Series top notch quality.

  19. I loved the “I’ve gotta get one of those” scene at the end. Would love to see him flying around, baby Yoda in one hand, rifle in the other disintegrating people.

  20. This series alone has made me like Star Wars.

  21. It was funny to see how afraid the other bounty hunters got when they saw the Mandalorian had a disintegrator.

  22. As soon as the camera panned to the sky I knew what was coming. And then you see all of the Mandalorians fly up from behind the building blasters blasting.

  23. I wonder what kind of faces Pedro is making under the helmet lol

  24. All those fobs starting to blink is just a copy of messages incoming to other assassins after John Wick was declared excommunicado..xD

  25. I got baby Yoda merch
    Starting bid at $80

  26. I'll subscribe if you give me full the mandalorian videos for each episodes…

  27. Great videos, but you rushed to put this one out so fast you misstated some details. Taken an extra day for quality control:-)

  28. Why did the mandarins knife shake so much when thay stopped fighting another

  29. Loved those flapping Baby Yoda ears!!!

  30. When the tracking fobs went really reminded me of the bounty on John Wick.

  31. 7:10 i always thought this was a reference to baby yoda being a force wielder and the fact that mandalorians and jedi have been enemies for thousands of years.

  32. Mandalorian turned into both the terminator and John wick.

  33. Never watched any Star Wars, but this show looks good. What do I need to watch to catch up to where it starts?

    Disney+ only launches in November 2021 here so I have time.

    Or torrents.

  34. What kind of knifes were they using

  35. 9:50 That droid is actually a medical one. It's probably used to inject truth serum or another substance that is clsoe to it. The "interogation" droids are equipped with more stuff and look more like spiders

  36. When did the don't pull your helmet rule go into effect? And does that mean jango and Jedi clan had forsaken the code?

  37. ‘ E CHU TA’. …HUTTESE
    F*CK OFF🤣😂👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻🌈

  38. There so brutal! And it makes since of the old Star wars bounty hunter game in alot of ways. Back then i thought it was abit much that Jango Fett was so tuff and i thought the armor was just being gamey as i was taking a few blaster hits during battle it would vibrate the controller and i ran around creatively killing my enemies i would chuckle only in a video game… But now watching this series which is by far the best star wars i have seen since the original trilogy its all i could think about was the new perspective it gave me into that video game and how posible it really was to fight that valiantly. It wigged me out also to even try to imagine an entire army of mandalorians going into battle together! I pitty there combatants… Great review of the series and again Amazing Series! I so much love this character and he made my granddaughter become emotional when he goes to save the baby! But i knew when he did that he was about to have to fight incredible odds to do so! So then when the other amazingly brutal Mandalorian Warriors come to save him i became emotional myself! This was my renewal of hope in Disney controlling the star wars legacy. I hope they feed off the fans reaction to the series as a template to how to go forward from here with the brand. Oh another good use of movie prop was the ice cream maker. Makes sense why the guy in cloud city would be carrying that with him during the evacuation now and i wonder if it was actually his or if he stole it and if the one in the series is the same one in the movie? Oh my granddaughter wants me to say hello to you also that she enjoys your review of the series. She is only 7 and we dont let her use the internet alone yet but she is certainly smart enough to. She is a huge Star wars fan and yes she and i play with my huge 3.75 inch figure collection i have gathered over the years. I have made several custom female figures that she enjoys playing with and now of course she really wants a baby yoda 3.75 figure. Have a good life. May the force be strong in you…

  39. When all the mandalorians came to help that was dope asf. I hope we get another scene like that

  40. Star Wars at it’s best ! no lightsabers no dark side vs light side this is what Star Wars should’ve been from the start ! the Mandalorian shows how amazing the Star Wars universe really is if there’s some imagination and love put into it

  41. Who ever designed the baby Yoda should get a big paycheck😂 if we get merch from little yoda holy sh… Disney earns a lot of money

  42. How about the Darthomir Nightbrother (Darth Maul's race) as an Easter Egg? He is one of the bounty hunters in the bar and during the last fight scene.

  43. One big Disney related crossover Easter egg was a Rocketeer reference. The way the Mandalorian heavy trooper in the jet pack is flying, body stance and even turbulence experienced, is like a scene from the movie rocketeer. The salute was very close to Billy Campbell’s salutation to passengers on an airplane as he is learning to fly. Later Alan Arkin’s character Peevy, even says, “I got to get me one of those”. Nice cross reference to another fantasy set in another time and galaxy far, far away.

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