Sql Server Management Studio 2019 | SSMS 18.0 Version

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Sql Server Management Studio 2019 | SSMS 18.0 Version
Hi guys. In this video you will see the downloading and installation of SQL Server management studio 2019 or version 18.0

Link of SSMS download is

Smaller download size – We’ve taken SSMS 18 on a diet and brought it down to half the size of SSMS 17.x.
Updated Visual Studio 2017 isolated shell – We picked up the latest shell from Visual Studio (VS) that unlocks all the accessibility fixes that end in both SSMS and VS as well as the latest security fixes that went into VS.
SSMS can be installed in a custom folder – This has been a long standing request. With SSMS 18, you can install SSMS in any folder and the option is available from both command line and the setup UI.
SSMS allows installing in a language other than the OS – You can now, for example, install SSMS German on a French Windows (Note: if the OS language does not match the SSMS language, the user needs to change the language under Tools | Options | International Settings).
SSMS ships with MS Object Linking and Embedding Database (OLEDB) driver
Support for SQL 2019 – This is the first release of SSMS that will be fully aware of SQL Server 2019 (compatibility level 150).

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  1. i am not able to connect even if I write my pc name ?

  2. i am not able to find the PC name even in the browse more window??

  3. is this full version or trial version? I don't think it's free to use.

  4. My server name field is blank. any solution?

  5. awesome for beginners

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