Sea Water – Easy Photoshop video tutorial


  1. Awesome i'm really appreciate work, that you done. Thank you so much!

  2. Awesome tutorial. Thanks for sharing!

  3. IT'S ANOTHER BLUE ROCK TEXTURE!!!!! Do we now wait for the tide to come in?

  4. You know what I loved about this tutorial…no dickhead saying “whazzup guys…coming at ya…go ahead and…without further ado”. Thanks for giving me a peaceful lesson, man 👌

  5. I thought I had an audio problem, when I realized it wasn't me. I thought about skipping this video. So glad I didn't… you made this super-easy and the final results are stunning! Thank you!

  6. My sketch is missing in photoshop cs6 isnt corectly

  7. Hey great tutorial thank you – it was quick and easy + helped me very much.

    A quick note in case someone out there has the same issue I experienced: I was initially working in CMYK space and could not find my "Bas Relief" filter.

    1. I changed the PSD to RGB
    2. In the Preferences > Plug-ins > Check "Show all Filter Gallery groups and names"

    Then I was able to complete the tutorial !

  8. Thank you! This is the best one out there!

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