Rose Gold iPhone 6S Plus Unboxing


  1. It's a beta fish yes. I use to have a beta fish.

  2. see is you pause it at 1:41 it sounds like he is scottish and saying bits lol

  3. Im getting the iPhone 6s plus in two days#xmas soo excited
    whos getting theres in 2019 and 2020

  4. unboxing starts at 1:30

  5. I might be getting the IPhone 6s Plus for Christmas this year 😍😍😍 hopefully I get it🥳🥳🥳

  6. He keept saying EarPods little did he know AirPods will come out soon

  7. He said air pods 😮

  8. the struggle of opening iPhone boxes…

  9. I like pink iphone

  10. I searched this video up so I knew the size of the phone so I made sure that the price I was paying online was worth it.. I saw the rose gold 6s plus on a website that was similar to ebay the pricing was around $340 and I couldn't be any more happy, I'm sick & tired of having a android that constantly kicks me out of apps and always freezes since that iPhone are known for good graphic quality that's why I'm very positive that im making the right decision seeing that some of my friends shop on this particular website.

  11. can't wait to get mine 💅🏿

  12. I'm gonna get the same one Saturday!

  13. im getting mine for christmas ☺️🧐

  14. ادعولي يصير عدي مثله

  15. buying the iphone 6s plus soon

  16. I also want it but i can't afford this😢😢😢😢

  17. Help what should I get rose iPhone 6 plus or white?

  18. I'm getting this phone next month….I'm excited!

  19. I got a 6s plus gold and it kinda looks like rose gold depends on the lighting lol

  20. I have the iphone 6s+,5c,and 6+

  21. What is the color is the perfect for man? Rosegold or Space Gray?

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