Riley should stay with OU, reveals Top 10, talks LSU, Bama & Clemson — Joel Klatt | CFB | THE HERD

Joel Klatt joins Colin Cowherd to talk college football. Hear why he thinks it’s in Lincoln Riley’s best interests to stay in Oklahoma to coach the Sooners, if LSU will surpass Alabama as the top SEC team this year and if he believes that Clemson should be worried about missing the College Football Playoff.

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The Herd with Colin Cowherd is a three-hour sports television and radio show on FS1 and iHeartRadio. Every day, Colin will give you his authentic, unfiltered opinion on the day’s biggest sports topics.

Riley should stay with OU, reveals Top 10, talks LSU, Bama & Clemson — Joel Klatt | CFB | THE HERD

The Herd with Colin Cowherd

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  1. Which teams are in your Top 10 after Week 7?

  2. Imagine if Joel Klatt, Gus Johnson, Kirk Herbstreit & Chris Fowler were all on 1 show together. That is something I’d watch

  3. Just before Wisconsin comes out and gets embarrassed……

  4. In from El paso it's not bad 😑😑😑

  5. FS1. If you read the comments, you’ll give Klatt a show

  6. More money than God? Come on man….

  7. Lincoln Riley will probably get an offer at some point from a NFL team. I think he should only go to NFL if he wants to though. No reason to leave if you can make a ton of money in college.

  8. The transfer tunnel along with paying players for their name is going to destroy college football.

  9. Colin looks like Michael Sheen 😂

  10. Anyone who thinks that Clemson is in the top 6 teams based solely off of how they’ve performed this year up till now is either lying or biased

  11. Colin hates Oklahoma everything.

  12. What about Chuck Knox? Didn't he do OK in the NFL.

  13. Well, my Buckeyes really benefited from the Transfer Portal but I feel the same way about it. It's made poor sports out of most of the players. "If I don't get to play, I'm quitting. WAAAAAAA". I can see if they want to leave for a valid reason like the kid that wanted to be near his mom who has cancer. But if you are only leaving because you don't get to play that is not a good reason.

  14. Last year Clemson almost lost 2 games in the first 5 weeks. How are they not living up to expectations? They are performing almost identical to last year. Pay attention

  15. Oklahoma may come down. Lol they won 55-14 Colin. Nice try.

  16. Love watching JK own Cowherd every time he comes on. It’s hilarious. Colin pretending he knows jack about college football is hilarious.

  17. Joel is right. Colin is being stupid beyond belief. Lincoln isn't going anywhere. He controls everything. Why go to Dallas where you deal with owners and egos. By the way Colin, Lincoln doesn't stay at Days Inn. Quit being an idiot.

  18. Alabama isn’t even that good this year… average offense.. average defense… this isn’t the same team they had when they played Clemson and merked them

  19. Colin is such a pretender. I know he sees the cush life that Bob Stoops has built himself after his tenure at OU. He's more set in life than ANY NFL coach will ever be, except maybe for Belechick at New England, I don't know how much they are paying him. Lincoln is set to ride the Schooner until he dies if he wants to. He just has to keep feeding the Horses and he'll be fine.

  20. Joel Klatt came on this show and owned it

  21. I hate Colin cowherd! But I love Joel Khat!

  22. I wonder if Alabama pays Joel Klatt to trash Clemson?

  23. klatt has ohio state first and they have played NO ONE good. LSU should be first on every analysts list. and if they r not, theres only one team that can be first and that's Clemson defending champs and still undefeated.

  24. Klatt is always steam rolling Collin

  25. Fox should give Joel Klatt your tv/radio show!

  26. What has Dallas done in the past 26 years? Nothing. Coveted job? For who? Jerry Jones, that's who. No one else. Colin, you're only here to be a troll.

  27. This is the GOAT Colin Klatt Segment

  28. Jerry drinks Johnnie Walker Blue. Known fact Colin…

  29. Arguing about the rankings at this point is a waste of time. All it is for is bragging rights and peacocking. It is all irrelevant because LSU and Alabama will play, and the loser won't go to the SEC championship effectively eliminating them from the playoff. The same scenario exists for Penn State and Ohio State. Here is my CFP final rankings:

    1 LSU
    2 Ohio State
    3 Oklahoma
    4 Clemson

    I am a Clemson fan, and if they had to play the National Championship tomorrow, I don't think they get it done this time. But they will be ready when it is time.

  30. Lincoln's not leaving…. he's rebuilding an Empire again…

  31. Wonder if he still has Wisconsin at 5 this week

  32. Oklahoma and Ohio State both will lose 2 games this year

  33. Colin. I give you an F as a talking head.I only watched video cuz joel klatt was on and he makes sense.

  34. #GoTigers Clemson is number 1. I've seen so many Clemson haters bashing Trevor Lawrence. But we all know how Clemson plays against good teams they destroyed ND and Alabama. Can't Wait to expose every hater who don't think Clemson is good you honestly would make yourself sound foolish saying such a thing I mean were the defending national champs and people are saying "Oh that was last year that's over"well I'm going to break some news to you Clemson is the current champs so until someone takes the mighty trevor down us tiger nation will be sitting back awaiting which sorry team thinks they will beat us. MIC DROP

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