Removing Greenscreens in Photoshop using Chroma Key

Glowing Swirl Effect:
Image I used:

Quickly and easily remove the greenscreen or any solid background form your images using chroma key. Isolate an image using chroma key.

Glowing Swirl Effect:

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  1. Can you tell me how you resized the cowgirl. You move really fast in the video. I am trying to resize like you but I cannot see what you are doing. Thank you.

  2. Sorry but this is totally innacurate! green halo, green hair… pffff, maybe for newbies can work but not for professionals, thats for sure

  3. how did you paste the background image? I am stuck at that point.

  4. I did what u said but i still have a tiny bit of green glow around the picture still

  5. Hhahahah i put 172 before he did

  6. i feel like thats a thumbmnail for pornhub

  7. Works nice and easy but just one problem……she glishens on her right arm, meaning she is lit from the left as you look at the photo but the light source for the background is coming from the right, shadow under the truck (as you look at the photo). Simple solution is to flip either her or the background in the horizontal.

  8. Thanks bro!! 2017 and still works just fine.

  9. Nice, short and sweet. I used your video to help me make a thumbnail. Thanks!

  10. Thanks for clear cut English!!!

  11. you sound like Jeff from American Dad

  12. This only works for static images and it does not work for animation/video/timeline feature of photoshop.

  13. muito bom parabens

  14. yes what about the horrible green edges?:)))

  15. Hich Photoshop version is this ?? I cant see any option in selecting the color range

  16. very nice, been looking for this…. will try it tomorrow…

  17. good explained thanks Niroland

  18. Thx for sharing your expertise. What exactly did you do when you added the background. Im a novice at this and didnt catch the trick that fast. Thx…

  19. Nice green halo around the model!

  20. Dude how can i paste the background pic i don't get it
    Listen if u have a facebook please let me add you and then u can teach me

  21. "Could not complete your request because the smart object is not directly editable."

  22. I keep this tutorial video bookmarked for quick reference.  I must have referred to it a dozen times in the past 3 months!  It's concise and easy to understand.  Thank you for your invaluable help!!

  23. I've watched 20 videos this evening on this concept and none worked yours worked instantly!!!! you just saved my fashion show campaign!!! thank you

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