Remove Blackhead For Minh See More Addiction | Part 24 | Hang Oliver

🌼 Hello everyone!
👉 Because the acne removal video is limited and not making money, I want to make a video of “RELAXING MUSIC” in front of me, I will make these two videos in parallel. I will make a longer acne removal video, after watching you watch the music video section to support me.

👉 Usually I will post videos at night in your country, so I think the “RELAXING MUSIC” video on the back will help you fall asleep.

👉 Please give me your opinion. Look forward to your comments I have the motivation to make more videos.

🌼 NOTE: After 2 weeks I will separate 2 videos, you can choose to watch a 35-minute acne removal video or listen to a song in the rain.

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  1. Thank you for watching my video! Nice to welcome you back to the channel Trị Mụn Hang Oliver

  2. Mặt lon mới nhiều mụn thế khiếp quá

  3. Please throw that stupid tool away & just use your fingers!

  4. Hi, Hang! Loved all the squeezes. Thought the ear might have cysts, but just zits. Thanks for explaining what you are doing with the programming. Now, is this your only channel?
    If not, please tell me the others by name or link. I don't want to support your work into someone else's account. Also, please write your name on your gloves. The watermark isn't enough. Thanks for showing the gardens. Those deep purple flowers were so pretty.

  5. WooHoo ✨🤓 🇺🇸

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