Ranking the Top 10 Starting 5’s in the NBA Today

These teams were tough to rank. Any disagreements?



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  1. It's going to be a crazy western conference. I believe the Lakers has the best 5 and bench players.

  2. Lakers are soooo overated

  3. Dwight should start for LA

  4. Knicks really got snubbed on this one smh

  5. I know I’m late but my boy Ben Simmons hit a 3 last night

  6. Rondo, Green, Lebron, AD, Howard 🔥🔥🔥💪

  7. No need kuzma is a shit. We want caruso..

  8. You forgot: Bledsoe-Matthews-Middleton-Giannis-Lopez

    They were first in the East the past season and Gianni was the MVP, I think at least top 10 for these five (Matthews is the only new piece) is deserved tho'.

  9. GSW is gonna win and lakers is gonna lose

  10. Where is boston and toronto here?

  11. WHAT? How are the Knicks not in the top 10? SERIOUSLY!!?? That lineup of ummm, and dude, & what's his face. Plus they got that guy they drafted this year! He is young & raw but promising & has roots in the area! RJ Barret ! That's right! There's a guy named Kevin or something. I hear he's good. They play in the East which is never amazing. The mecca of basketball Good for 24 wins EASY. Put some damn respect on da name!

  12. how can u put McGhee ahead of Dwight? are u insane?

  13. Lakers are wack

  14. lol Jazz at 9 disrespectful

  15. i'm convinced this dude doesn't know basketball or watch games lol list is buns

  16. Raptors…most underwhelming roster # 1

  17. Pistons top 10 watch, dont bandwagon

  18. Man I finally have multiple teams to watch. About 13 different teams instead of just 4

  19. Lebron has gotten older and have taken abit more of the role of the old Magic Johnson, where he is foremost a distributor more than an score. And now that AD has come, he finaly got a guy who can put up hugh numbers besides himself. This Lakers team is mental. Kuz and Green spreading the floor, and Kuz who is better of than on the ball fits perfect with AD and Lebron. Green as one of the best 3-points shooters in the league and an elite defender. and Yea actually i think i would start Dwight over McGee, just because i think Dwight could have and insanely good season in the 5 role together with AD in the 4 role. Dwight is one of the best shot blockers and rebounders in the game + if he can get his pick and roll game on point he is legal. He is an monster under the basket. If Lakers figure out their chemistry on and off the field this team is unbeatable, I don't give a ** who's they're up against this season. Big, fast, dominant, great defenders, great rebounding, great spreading of the floor, great scorers. I would fear this shit and i'm a rockets fan. Goddamn they look scary

  20. Maybe you have missed out Lonzo and Zion Williamson

  21. Brooklyn is a lit team. 🔥


  23. Okc had a decent lineup huge surprise package… Detroit death lineup would have been #1 if they be 7 yrs younger

  24. If simmons can shoot they will definitely be num 2

  25. Dude, why do you put Harrell at Center instead of power forward??

  26. How you gonna put Javale over Dwight?? You crazy dude….but I do think the Lakers have the best starting lineup.

  27. I agree with everything except for #2

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