Ranking The TOP 10 DUOS For The 2020 NBA Season!

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Ranking the Top 10 Duos for the 2019-2020 NBA Season!

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  1. Just looking out in the comment section for a comment that has something to do with a 40" vert

  2. 4:54 isnt that travel?? He threw it to himself

  3. Celtics don’t even make #10 😪

  4. London Ball and his 90 inch vertical

  5. Woah don't do the raptors dirty like that. they all fought hard for the championship

  6. "RayCons are endorsed by athletes such as JR Smith"…
    Yeah, that's only because he thinks they're 'Beats'!! 😂😂

  7. Gobert should not have won dpoy last year

  8. Sad Khris Middleton noises

  9. It is obviously difficult if not impossible for you people to realize Commie sympathizer James is an old man and his talent is spiraling downward rapidly! Perhaps you will understand this when you see him in the 2019-2020 season!

  10. Nobody:

    Literally Nobody:

    Mike: 10 stories that prove Robin Lopez is the best center in NBA history

  11. Dame and c.j are way to low.

  12. Mikes vids boutta start really slappin again🤤

  13. You remind me of skip bayless…both of your opinions are shit

  14. The fact that Curry and Klay are higher than Harden and Westbrook makes this list invalid.

  15. Dont sleep on lavine and markkanen in chicago. Won't be the best duo but I think they'll be very good

  16. Speaking of duos, when does John Wall come back?

  17. #11 LaMarcus Aldridge and DeMar DeRozen.

  18. how do you put the 🦄 on 10 🙄😒

  19. Fred Van Vleet & Siakam>>>>>>>>>>

  20. Good video but you clearly got #1 & #2 backwards..

  21. I dont think the splash bros are top 3 duo going into the 2020 season given that Thompson will miss most of the season. Maybe Curry – Russel would be a viable duo

  22. I saw your ads of Raycon and Warby Parker and thought, "the frick I've never heard of it" and then I swear the very next day on TV I saw BACK TO BACK commercials on them

  23. That's fucking bullshit dude y r the clippers second they're supposed to be first Kawhi is way better than lebron right now and last season proved that he is the best player

  24. I love that Westbrook gets blame for everything😐😐.

  25. God damn. I hope kristaps develop a body like giannis. It scares me everytime he jumps.. lol

  26. Number one should be the umpires and James harden😂

  27. At best Clay and Steph will only play together for the last month of the regular season, they shouldn’t be rated so high. Also, how can Lebron win MVP with AD on the team? They would be taking votes off each other. Steph Curry might get MVP as he has to carry the team for most of the regular season so he will get heaps of votes.

  28. Doncic & Porzingis has a potential to be my fav duo of all time. I feel like they might be winning a title in 2 years. Lillard is one of my fav players but he has no chance of winning a title with Portland. This year is gonna be so fun! We don't have GSW as the obvious winner and there are really great teams to watch. I'll be watching Dallas and LA teams with a lot of excitement and unlike last year, it would be really fun to watch GSW and Rockets matches too.

  29. everyone is sponsored by raycon

  30. 8:13 Uhm…..you need to really think about your #4

    Harden* is still doing the same thing as before… {His ISO is a NO-NO that will be another HERE WE GO in this season:;
    Westbrook* is only giving something that needs to get better, but it's a troubled Duo….{[(UH…. didn't Westbrook have like 8 turnovers in a recent pre~season game?)]}

  31. Great video Mike! Love your videos! I love the NBA and the Phoenix Suns!!!

  32. Clippers way better . Good video until you ruined it with wrong order of 1 and 2 🤦‍♂️

  33. 1. Lonzo
    2. and his 40 inch vertical

  34. Bro rn it’s diangelo and curry everyone keeps on saying klay he’s out rn which means that dou is invalid so is kd and Kyrie until kd comes back then they’ll be a dou but them being called a future dou is okay lol since that’s what they are atm

  35. Not including injures it should be

    1.Lebron and A.D.
    2.Kawhi and P.G.
    3.Kyrie and K.D.
    4.Curry and Thompson
    5.Harden and Westbrook

  36. nobody is scared of the blazers at all

  37. where is tatum and carson edwards??????????????? this is bullshit

  38. No zach and Lauri but luka and kp made it… Ok

  39. 3 of them are from California how 😎 es Thad ?

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