Ranking The NBA’s Top 10 Point Guards of The 2010s (NBA 2010s)

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What is your list?

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  1. Allow the chaos to commence

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  2. Man, I think we all know that D. Rose woulda won a ring if not for his injuries. There is no way than man wouldn't grind his way to the chip.

  3. I had CP first, Curry second. CP is better defensively, was there for longer and is better at actually running the game.

    When Lillard and Irwing both went, I couldn't come up with the name that was going to be number 3. When I saw RW, I started laughing. He shouldn't be making top 5, let alone top 3. It's ridiculous.

  4. Parker better than rose question mark

  5. I thought I was going to disagree with your pucks before I even clicked.. Wasn’t too sure about Westbrook 3 and Kyrie 4.. But I thought about it and Russ accomplished a lot without KD. Kyrie hasn’t proven anything on his own yet. I thought Lowry was pretty high too. I might put him at 10 and Rose 9. Great list other than that.

  6. Mike Coley is way better than Kyle Lowry.

  7. This channel makes me so emotional every time I hear the music I can feel my basketball childhood and favorite players disappearing but in a good way so I can remember them thank u for making this channel

  8. Kyrie over Westbrook… Kyrie has a ring and besides dunking he’s the better all around player. Better 3 point shooter, better finisher, and better handles. He started in last years all star game over Westbrook, only thing Westbrook has over Kyrie is his triple doubles and the fact he’s been in the league longer. If Kyrie would just get back in his zone and really try to show off his skill set he’d be up there with Curry

  9. Wtf were you thinking

  10. MVP Rose is easily #1.

  11. LeBron a pg

    Or am I wrong

  12. My only problem with this list is… No rondo. Other than that I fully agree with the list. Great vid brotha.

  13. CP3 is not better than Westbrook and Tony Parker is not better than Derrick Rose

  14. Don't forget that isaiah Thomas busted Wall's ass.

  15. At least you put rose on the list if this was my list he’d be #1 it’s unfortunate we most likely won’t be seeing him play the way he did in his mvp season. Rose is my absolute favorite player with Tracy mcgrady and Kobe trailing behind him.

  16. Would’ve had Westbrook over CP3 other then that. Surprised how much I agree

  17. Is curry really better than cp3

  18. 10. Derrick Rose
    9. Mike Conley
    8. John Wall
    7. Kyle Lowry
    6. Kemba Walker
    5. Kyrie Irving
    4. Russell Westbrook
    3. Damian Lillard
    2. Chris Paul
    1. Stephen Curry

  19. Lowry should def be above Walker and even Wall too maybe they were more talented. But what’s talent matter if it doesn’t lead to success the whole point in playing a sport is to win. Neither of them even touch Lowry in that regard and it’s not like he was just a role player.

  20. I am so happy you got TP at 9, he really deserve it and no one ever talk about him but he is a hall of fame, 4 times champion, FMVP point guard 🙂

  21. That’s the thing I keep telling people about Stephen Curry. “He accomplished so much in so little time”. I understand why people put other players above Curry at this point in time, but at the same time how could you not argue that his accomplishments outweigh anything that any other player has done within that decade? I’m one of those guys that was telling people that if he could keep healthy he could possibly take over the league. Then they won the championship the very next year. At this point, we have to accept that he is bound to be considered the greatest point guard of all time. Especially if he can get two or three more rings under his belt (it may be more realistic for him to get one more ring).

  22. mvp candidate rondo not in there ?!?

  23. I like your list but Tony Parker should be higher up due to his playoff success – I just don't agree that John Wall is #6.

  24. Lowry was better than Kemba besides the last 2 years and has way better accolades and is still an all star so he’s had a better 2010s. U only put Kemba ahead case he’s currently better

  25. I’d flip Westbrook and CP3 but other than that I’m cool with the list

  26. Cp3 over Russ is terrible

  27. Mike Conley should replace Parker

  28. 10 Tony Parker
    9 Rajon Rondo
    8 Kemba Walker
    7 Derrick Rose
    6 John Wall
    5 Damian Lillard
    4 Kyrie Irving
    3 Chris Paul
    2 Russell Westbrook
    1 Stephen Curry

  29. You will not rank kyle lowry above anybody on this list ever since last year I cannot give him any credit for the raptors championship he failed in the most crucial moments even tho he was okay during the seasons previously but he is a weird guard and demar was definitely better than him mostly thought his career

  30. If we're talking 2010s D-Rose should be higher

  31. CP3 ahead of Russell, you're on drugs!

  32. Where is jokic on this list the best passer in the world? Also I defiantly don’t think Westbrook and kyrie and above Lillard.

  33. You hella disrespecting tony coming from a heat fan he lmao he should be above lowry and kemba the year the heat won he would've been finals mvp if ray didn't come through

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