Ranking The NBA's Top 10 Centers of The 2010s (NBA 2010s)

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Here are my rankings for the centers in the 2010s.

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  2. Who’s here after Embiid scored 0 in 32 minutes vs Toronto

  3. Wow Dom u didn’t even mention Joakim Noah and he’s in the background of ur vid. Such disrespect. He was an all nba player, actually got mvp votes, and he was a DPOY. Literally a better version of Gobert with more passing ability. I expect better

  4. Probably the hardest position to rank

  5. Please do kobes case for GOAT video

  6. Correction: D12 is a 3 time DPOY

  7. Joakim Noah

    2× NBA All-Star (2013, 2014)

    All-NBA First Team (2014)

    NBA Defensive Player of the Year (2014)

    2× NBA All-Defensive First Team (2013, 2014)

    NBA All-Defensive Second Team (2011)
    4th in MVP voting in 2014

    Disrespect that he is not on the list with that resume

  8. Dude you’re hurting me with the Detroit comments… Jesus haven’t we been through enough?

  9. Gobert over embiid??????

  10. So Steph, Harden, LeBron, Giannis and Dwight is your Decade Starting-5?

  11. i understand tyson chandler but joakim noah was snubbed

  12. What about Paul gasol ?

  13. Andrew Bynum probably could have been 10 to be honest

  14. Gobert and gasol over embiid and kat? This Nigga is high

  15. That moment when you realize these videos won’t be made for another 10 years

  16. This list is whack yokic should be higher

  17. Which Basketball god did damarcus Cousins Anger😂😂

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