Rafael Nadal – Top 10 Reactions of Djokovic when he can’t handle Rafa’s Game

Despite their fierce rivalry , Rafael Nadal And Novak Djokovic have always had some of the funniest / craziest moments on a tennis court, Here are the best reactions of Novak when he can’t handle Rafa’s game which include (Breaking rackets, laughing, pulling down his shorts , smiling and more….)

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  1. I think that Nole is managing his anger and frustration so much better these days and it is paying off, despite being Rafa fan i just admire Nole mental game which i think is his biggest asset

  2. Who ever like Nadal give a like to him

  3. I once did that smashing racket thing during a match. Didn't win a game after that and eventually lost the match. My coach came up to me later and said, if you don't respect the racket don't expect to win with it in your hand.

  4. this video would be great if not for the music


  6. Powerful player rafa

  7. Rafa is like bull with hands!

  8. Amazing how Rafa hits winners from un-winnable positions.

  9. The two best ever. Both will finish with winning records over Fed and more titles than him.

  10. Rafa the toughest tennis player of all time.

  11. I like Nadal and Novak.

  12. Nadal is unbeatable no one can stop him 🇪🇸

  13. As a huge Rafa fan, this video reminds me of how gigantic Novak's struggle was to break Roger and Rafa's hegemony. He probably thought he had finally did it in AO08, he will start winning now… But then for 3 years, he was brought back to earth and was constantly humbled by the 2, he had to dig so deep to achieve what he achieved now.

  14. Head 2 Head: Nadal (26) Vs Djokovic (28). The last 10 matches: Nadal 3, Djokovic 7. The last 20, Nadal 7, Djokovic 13. So, this video is only sensationalism. These datas show that Djokovic from 2013 to now is at least the double of best that Nadal.

  15. djoker has improved his game a lot. RAFA is legend

  16. Honestly, that backhand from rafa at 3:11 competes for the hardest shot ever hit

  17. I’ve been a Rafa fan since I first saw him and Gasquet in 2002, when they were only 16…so much so that I have a complex spreadsheet with 25 different worksheets, one which has all of his matches/opponents/their ranking/by round/score/prize money earned/etc, one just for his clay matches, one for just his grass matches, one for just his hard court matches, etc. However, I still very much like Nole…I think he’s a good guy and until someone shows me otherwise, I consider Rafa and Nole to be friends. 😁

  18. @$#&*(@ background music!

  19. The look on Djokovic’ shows so many emotions: disbelief, frustration, admiration, …..

  20. Rafa is the best player in the world…👍👍

  21. The real reason why Djokov8c went down on his knees @2:46, is to acknowledge Nadal as the GOAT.

  22. At least they are humans. I need to see more players like Nadal and Djoko and less Federers on the court

  23. @11:10 tats disgusting from DjkoBitch! Respect the 🐐🤷🏽‍♂️
    Tats Y I didn't Like Him!!!
    On the Contrary, Rafa Always, again I'm telling, "Always" Respected and Respects his Opponents!!! ❤️🤷🏽‍♂️😘

  24. Playing with Nadal is like catching the biggest fish of your live and losing it before being able to take a picture.

  25. The Title itself Enough to Like This Video!!!🤷🏽‍♂️🐐

  26. Background music is retarded

  27. 7:15 Absolutely incredible! Greatest shot I have ever witnessed in tennis! The skill, precision and projection to know where his opponent would be and counter it without even looking!!! Sensational, brilliant skill!

  28. you didnt show djoko when he ripped his red shirt. and when nadal hit him with a ball near the net.

  29. Roger Novak Rafael, I love them trio so so much ♥🔥💜

  30. Djokovic looked like a furby in his younger days

  31. Novak is the fairest player on tour. He is the one applauding his opponent's shots the most, Federer for instance hardly does it, Nadal occassionally

  32. the humble living legend

  33. I love djokovic so much

  34. One thing is for sure Rafa and nole are better than Federer

  35. are you kidding me with the three straight aces against the best returner in all of tennis??

  36. Te quero mucho Rafa 🎾🎾🎾

  37. Just amaxing player rafa

  38. Nadal has always been djokovic's super daddy, vamos rafa

  39. Sometimes I just l click to see that intro again👏

  40. Big Rafa and big Nole. If he is not angry, he has no blood in his veins.

  41. Nadal has never broken a racket against the ground.

  42. Nadal Ronaldo numbers 1
    Federer messi numbers 2
    Djokovic neymar numbers 3

  43. Thats more than 1000 reactions of Djoker!! 😀 😀

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