Rack mounting three HPE DL380 G9 in Data Center – 394


  1. very good

  2. Thank you! I've racked G10's where the rails which snap on to the server won't lock in / keep popping loose. Real pain. Thank you again.

  3. Thank you for the video on racking HPE DL380 Gen9. I have assembled a 800077-S01, your video is a good help, Cheers!

  4. Our in-house server infrastructure is relocating to a data centre in September. Shame you're not in the UK, we could have you looking after it for us!

  5. Thanks so much. Very good and in-detail explanation.

  6. Thanks you for sharing

  7. Ugliest cable management I've ever seen, especially on the FOCs, that's unprofessional and just increases maintenance times drastically, because you don't know were the cables are running to. At least it doesn't prevent the air flow in that specific case….
    On the other hand thank you for this deployment video.

  8. the guy deserve the Nobel prize for the information given @ 3:15 to 3:20

  9. Thank you for this very informative video. I was on my first day of racking up a server and without having to be helped by a third person, your video allowed me to reappoint this challenge. I thank you sincerely. Good continuation.

  10. i have this in the g5 version yeahhh

  11. this guy looks so handsome.

  12. the important thing is the inside man.

  13. @Morten, I hope you still answer to this video. I need to know what Switches you use in this video. The 10GB/s and SAN switch.

  14. What are the philips servers at 6:30 for?

  15. Thank you so much for making these videos.  It is nice to be able to see and learn how data centers are setup.   I have a question on Chasis though.  Are all chasis standard? For example would you be able to mount a HP, Dell or SuperMicro servers on any standard 19" Chasis?  Anything to watch out for if I were to mix different brand of servers for home or small office?

  16. How deep are the server cabinets?

  17. Blæseren på den server i det bagerste skab lyder godt nok som om den har det dårligt. Ved du hvad type skabe det er i bruger? Mine er desværre ikke så dybe, hvilket gør PDU installation et mareridt, da specialt nye gen8 og g9 servere er meget dybe

    The fan in that server in the rear rack sounds very sick. Do you know the type of Racks you use? Mine are unfortunately not very deep and it makes PDU installation miserable, since gen8 and g9 servers are very deep

    Great videos as always.

    Btw.. take care of your back, and use that lifter you have in the room 😉

  18. How many days a week do you usually have to go into the data center? Two days a week tops then the rest is managed remotely?

  19. i love your videos you learn me many things always, i love that you tell us every thing you know
    when im in a bad mod i watch your vids
    they are addictive
    love you 😍

  20. Woop 100th Comment! But what is the servers going with all those SAN connections? Router? Network Capture? Storage Server?

  21. Thanks @15:10 was very useful to make sure I bought the right cable management arm for my server.

  22. does anyone know the minimum rack depth to install this Proliant DL380 G9 in a close cabinet so the cables won't interfere when closing the doors?

  23. I used to work at a data center and did this kind of work for 1,5 years. Brings back memories, good and also irritating ones lol =)

  24. whats the name of the company you work for?

  25. Is everyone in the datacenter ok with you filming there?

  26. Hi .. thanks for u videos .. I'm happy to see u Data Center and u play house .. plz i want to show us some videos about SFP Switch's and transceiver and 10GB SFP cabling and .. and tell us about the recommended brands for SFP switch's .. THX .. U R Genius .

  27. How'd you start out in the technology field?

  28. "I took the most expensive one of the three… lets break that first" Best quote on this whole channel

  29. once again another outstanding video , you sir are an inspiration.

  30. Will there be a follow up video on this rack install? Do you wear ear protection in that server room its crazy loud even through a video i'm sure its double as loud in person. Silly question that IBM that keeps killing drives in 1 of your other video's has it died again yet? So you may want to let them know that for a video server they should be using WDC Purple drives.

    I also don't like the look of the GEN 9 HP Proliant server line. G6/G7 I thought were very nice looking.

  31. Thank you for the very detailed demo, including zoomed in shots of how things are snapping in, etc. I thoroughly enjoyed, and more importantly learnt a lot from this and the previous video where you unpacked the servers. As a programmer who's been getting into simple servers for the last couple years, but always tower form-factor servers, I was not knowledgeable about a lot of this stuff (though I have been frequenting the homelab subreddit) – this video filled in so much of my knowledge gaps. Thanks! Been subscribing to your videos for close to a year now – love the variety of of your videos, but esp. the server stuff.

  32. I really appreciate your sharing. I am new in the field, after installing the servers what are the steps to make them operational?

  33. Great video Morten, thanks so much for all your video work. Love the server content! I quite enjoyed the Wood Stove Project as well…looks very nice. Hope to see it when the stove is installed and all finished 🙂

  34. Those servers are very heavy. A bit of a random question, have you every dropped a server whilst installing or removing a server in the datacenter before? if so what was the outcome? did you get a warning? Just curious 🙂

  35. Did you give the new servers the new hardware inhalation test? 😛

    By the way, where is your hearing protection? :S

  36. I hope you show us the rest of the work you've done on these servers 😀

  37. Been meaning to ask. How much is your electric bill?

  38. My ISP provider give me a 2 mbps in 2000 rupees with static IP

    that price is ok or not

  39. I really enjoy these server videos, keep it up. I know it's a weird thing but I have built a cardboard box server, worked well until the chipset burned out.

  40. Fiber SAN switches. Awesome. Got to have one of those. Or 2.
    Great video Morton. Thanx.

  41. What exactly is the deal with 'this' data center. Do you work here? The servers you put in are they all yours? Is this like a data center they people can colocate at but you send them the servers and install them for them and then just give them the ip and login details? What Internet speed do you have at this place and how many ips? This place looks pretty serious. 😀 😛

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