PUBG Mobile Payload Mode : Top 10 Helicopter Locations | Helipad Locations | How to get helicopter


PUBG Mobile Payload Mode : Top 10 Helicopter Locations | Helipad Locations | How to get helicopter in pubg mobile

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0.15 Update :
Payload Mode (coming soon)
Comes with new heavy weapons, recall system, a helicopter, Vehicle Repair Pack and Super Weapon Crates! Air Strikes are available, too!

[Aircraft: Helicopters]
Find helicopters and take them into battle!

[Super Weapon Crate]
Spawns regularly and activates after 3 minutes. Contains air drop weapons, Lv. 3 armor, Payload Mode weapons and more!

[Teammate Recall]
Pick up dead teammates’ ID Cards and revive them at the Communication Tower!

[Payload Mode Weapons]
RPG-7, M3E1-A, M79 Grenade Launcher, MGL Grenade Launcher, M134 Minigun

[Air Strike Beacon]
Calls in air strikes.

[Vehicle Repair Pack]
Fixes vehicle damage and tires.

New Firearms and Vehicles:

[Desert Eagle] (all maps)
– Highest damage and muzzle velocity of all pistols.
– Deals 62 damage. Can be attached with Mira Red Dot, Holographic Sight, magazines and Laser Sight to improve shoulder-firing.
– Fires .45 ACP ammo. Default magazine fits 7 rounds (can be extended to 10).
[BRDM-2 Amphibious Armored Vehicle] (all maps)

– Resilient and capable of traversing water. Equipped with bulletproof tires.
– Reduces damage taken.
– Can be called in only with the Flare Gun. Replaces Armored UAZ.

New Features:

[Ledge Grab]

– Climb between buildings and containers to reach previously inaccessible places.
– Tap jump, then jump again at the right timing in midair.

[Fuel Drums]

When hit by bullets or throwables, fuel drums explode and damage nearby players. Available on all maps.

Survive Till Dawn

– Modified skybox, colors and background objects. “Halloweenized” monsters.
– Added a hostile human faction in abandoned factories and strongholds. Defeat them to get better rewards.
– Killing zombies grants special bio-warfare equipment that is effective against zombies and other players.


– Can leave graffiti on any objects on the battlefield.
– Up to 4 types can be carried into battle. Change Graffiti combo in inventory menu.



– Reduced the initial recoil in burst mode.
– Improved long-distance firing by reducing damage fall-off.
– Can be equipped with a tactical stock.

[Attachment Consolidation]
– Combined pistol and SMG attachments.
– Combined Bullets Loops for Shotguns, Win94 and Kar98k into one attachment.
– Pistols can be attached with Holographic Sight.

– Fixed loading issues for better combat experience,
– Optimized weapon-loading logic to cut stuttering when players come into view.
– Reduced main thread CPU usage to cut overheating.
– Improved graphics and smoothness on lower-end devices.


– Improved weapons/outfits graphics and texturing, modeling and lighting.
– Enhanced lighting and shadow in Main Menu.

– When the cameral-controlling finger performs an action, the screen-controlling feature of the joystick is disabled. When the finger is lifted, the feature is enabled again. This reduces control errors when using scope, improving firing experience.

Darkest Night:
Will be taken offline for tuning.

Game Settings : Smooth, Extreme, Colorful
Recording app : Inbuilt ios recorder & Inbuilt oneplus recorder
Device : iPad mini 5 & OnePlus 7

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  1. Mujhe 22 helicopter location pata chala aur kisi ko koi naya location pata chale to reply dena please
    3,4 =mylta power x2
    6,7,8=military base x3
    10=georgopol city
    12,13=pochinki x2
    14,15=severny x2

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