ProLiant Gen9: Tour of a DL380 Gen9 Server


  1. This is interesting introduction.

  2. Thanks your video make easy my work

  3. How to I Install Windows server 2016 step by step on this server?

  4. This is a great video with a simple look at the inside of a DL380. Since I've just bought one, it was good to get to have a look before I started doing the modifications that I need to. The only thing I would say about this video is how it's in mono… First the left ear, then the right, so I guess it all balances out in the long run!

  5. Sound first left ear then right ear, why not both audio channels?

    00:00 – 03:17 [presentation] sound is in left ear
    03:18 – 16:47 [unboxing] sound is in right ear

  6. Thank you, worth the watch didn't feel like 16 + minutes. What do I call a card that will enable me to plug in a 25 pin LPT1 parallel port so I can move a machine that uses a dongle to this box.

  7. This helped me so MUCHHHH !!!!!!!!!! thanks man.

  8. Solid work man but scared me with the right channel sound thought my headphones died 😀

  9. Hi Jon-Thanks for the input. just want to have your inputs around changing the Aroc Controller in a server- Can we upgrade H240ar controller in a existing server to P440ar and if so how would this be done.

  10. iam 1000th subscriber!!

  11. right ear is very sad

  12. Very useful info… I loved to see it…. Keep posting more….

  13. Why is there no audio in the middle of this video?

  14. Do you not use Electro Static Discharge precautions when stripping down a server at HP??????

  15. un serveur blindé

  16. It's a great presentation. Thank you.

  17. I got 99 DL380 problems but an IBM 346 aint one.

  18. very informative. I think it'd be good to get some studio lighting, I got some for about £60 from ebay and it provides even bright coverage of the subject when filming / photographing.

  19. whether it is a customized server ?

  20. Hi. Just got this server for office, i am using the P440ar raid controller as well. Unfortunately my raid controller couldn't detect any physical disks in the HP IP smart array configuration page. Do i have to do anything on the bios for the raid controller to detect my disks? 

  21. Excellent video, thank you! Please do more Gen9 models if you have them 🙂

  22. Mmmm very nice server 

  23. Thank you very much. Great introduction to this line. I have 15 years working with HP Servers and this is a good clip for training beginning server admins.

  24. Please do another one for DL360, DL120, ML350 Gen9 Please~~~!!! tnx

  25. Good video! Thanks for sharing.

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