October Week #4 NOT Top 10 Plays of the Week | ESPN SportsCenter


  1. Okay number #10, that’s a 52 yard field goal. What random fan off the street is ever going to have any chance at making that?

  2. All these corny jokes from the anchors should go on NOT TOP 10!

  3. Number 2 was from The Waterboy. "Yeah, that's my bitch."

  4. So glad Olbermann wasn't doing this one… he is such garbage

  5. I came for two reasons. You know them.

  6. These made me LOL for reals

  7. If this football thing doesn't work he can go into wrestling

  8. #6 Drop kick football. No doubt

  9. I don’t understand why you two were laughing so hard at the guy trying to jump over the defender; it just was not very funny at all.

  10. All onside kicks should be aimed at the front line. Hard to catch, touch it and it's live.

  11. 1:21 is what you’re looking for

  12. Omg #5 was the best!!!!

  13. Kenny Omega would be proud of #6

  14. And the #1 fail of the week is no sound until the last 10 seconds

  15. Why is Tyson Fury on this list? And he's going to beat Braun Strowman at Crown Jewel

  16. 0:19 Player get scared of a football when he has a helmet and full pads on… mustve been the only person in the whole stadium to not know what was going on. And then the awkward pointing lol

  17. The click bait thumbnail, the sound effects, music, and commentary..no

  18. I’m glad that other guy isn’t in this video, we actually had a majority of them being about sports this time around!

  19. LSU QB probably had a micro penis. If he's that subconscious about someone pulling down his pants so his ass shows in front of 50,000 people instead of fighting through it and getting the ball out to make a play.

    That or he forgot to wipe or something.

  20. How have we gotten to the point where you thought that had to be blurred?

  21. I wonder if the 2 topless women from the 2019 World Series are going to be in the next edition……….?????

  22. I give ESPN as much flak as anyone for bad lists, but I like this one (except for #1, that's stupid). I actually laughed during this.

  23. Trubisky fumbled against the bolts without a bolt touching him.

  24. there's nothing worse than unfunny people trying to be funny

  25. Comedy is hard. Few do it all well. These two commentators seem like nice guys, but they lack innate funniness.

  26. 2:28…why would someone get a tattoo of an interstate highway on there chest…part of I95 is the N.J turnpike…why

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