October Week #2 NOT Top 10 Plays of the Week | ESPN SportsCenter


  1. That feeling where you click hoping you don't hear Olberman's voice followed by that feeling when you click away ASAP when you do…

  2. Keith Olberman is a one-man "Not Top Ten" at life.

  3. The knitting lady looked like a sweetheart….. She said fuck this game!

  4. If you guys have a minute listen to this song. It kicks ass. https://open.spotify.com/track/6xVPVJl8wcsBdERiQsTAHb?si=sGMY4oDdSqC5FePRGG2jSA

  5. 2:52……….Drum Corps International has been doing this since the early 2000s.

  6. Point the cursor @ 2:01 and just keep repeating it……………I LOVE that sound……………HA HA HA HA HA HA HA

  7. Yeah just shit on band kids who work super hard BOTH academically and for band, with no scholarship. Man stfu, what a shitty take

  8. Making fun of the band kids? Are you in junior high?

  9. Picking on 2 people for doing something they enjoy.

  10. Must have been a slow sports day. 2 Top Tens not even about sports players.
    I don't know why the Raiders paid so much for Carr. Granted he's been breath of fresh air but some of his decisions make you wonder if his brain took a brief nap.

  11. One of the worst not top 10 lists. Not many bloopers this week scraping the bottom of the barrel

  12. Classic sportsbro assumption that marching band players are on scholarship the way football players are. You can get a full ride to play two downs a season on a football team while getting a BA in communications with no class time or work, but the marching band is full of nerds that are actual students that choose to do band as well.

  13. Knitting requires two needles. That woman was crocheting. (cro SHAY ing)

  14. Hate the announcer

  15. #9 I hope Londoners don't get the impression that play is common on the gridiron…

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