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  1. Rabbie Taylor Reply

    Sick Mitts! 1 was 1!
    If the Ox’s 2nd goal for Liverpool is not no. 1 for the 23rd then I’ll go loco 😜

  2. #1 A fake Chris Berman "Whoop!" is OK. Two, maybe. 60 billion times? F***ing knock it off!

  3. Kevin Lopez Reply

    Super weak list. Y not put in raquetball next time or even world tag championships. Espn is a joke

  4. Kevin Nelson Reply

    Platform tennis…who does she know at ESPN that put her in the top 10. You know it's a slow night….

  5. - TheGoldenLlama - Reply

    0:33 I thought the ref jumping over the puck was the play we were looking at lol

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