NRL Top 10 Fastest Players 2019

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  1. Where's Jacob Saab he's faster than Mat Dufty

  2. Where's Sami from the titans

  3. Reimis Smith needs to be there also

  4. Where’s James Roberts where’s Tom where’s Philip Sami

  5. Where8s Roberts and Phillip sami

  6. When storm played titans addo-car made a full length field run only for Philip Sami who came from the other wing to tackle him 🤦‍♂️ he should have been ok here

  7. Josh Addo Carr is always the fastest of the season

  8. Brian Too is the slowest winger 🤣

  9. george rose is the fastest of them all. end of story.

  10. this is fastest speeds reached this season yeh? roberts had an achilles problem and never got to see him like actually run… so is that why he isnt up there on the list?

  11. Dumbest person who ever made this

  12. Sivo ran Suliasi down in the video

  13. This is the worst one yet

  14. Where’s James Roberts or TB ??

  15. Some things were right but were was jimmy the jet he is a beast when it comes to running

  16. What about James roberts bro

  17. where is Phillip Sami he gassed josh addo car easily

  18. rigged.. ado car got chased down by sami

  19. What about tommy turbo

  20. Where’s jimmy the jet

  21. Were James Robert he’s the fastest in the game he’s ran 42 kmh in a break away

  22. Did James Roberts retire or something?

  23. Wheres Tommy Turbo and Jimmy the Jet and CNK

  24. Greg Eastwood is the fastest

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