November Week #3 NOT Top 10 Plays of the Week | ESPN SportsCenter


  1. The commentary ruined it. He sucked so bad

  2. Lmao at #1 that's gotta count for something!

  3. This is one of the better top 10s. I approve

  4. Jeff Goldblum — even when he's not trying to be funny. he's still funnier than Olbermann.

  5. Everyone who's claiming Jeff Goldblum did a bad job at this, how does it feel to have no sense of humor at all?

  6. I love Jeff Goldblum….but this is almost too cringe to listen to. It's like listening to a drunk old man try and tell a joke but get mixed up and ramble on. I have a feeling Jeff isn't a big sports fan.

  7. Good grief. I would rather listen to Charlie Browns teacher for 15 minutes.

  8. Of course she spilled the wine "because of the ref", not because she was practically walking on the court during the game not paying attention.

  9. Never thought that I would miss Oberman

  10. How on earth did they get someone who sucks harder than Olbermann?

  11. Worst announcing ever. Stick to acting Jeff. Olberman way better.

  12. Imitations are seldom as good as the original. Olbermann rules!

  13. Oh man, the Jeff Goldblum switch up caught me off guard. Quite entertaining.

  14. Goldblum sucks but still way better than olberman..

  15. #6….😆😆😆😆😆

  16. Dude…bro…..👉pull my finger..😁😁


  18. Could you pick a more monotone, sleepy sounding commentator? This is just awful. Why can't they get something so simple right?

  19. Did Keith Olberman get a lobotomy?

  20. More Goldblum please! amazing! keep up the good work, love the videos but with Jeff omg amazing

  21. Goldblum for the win!

  22. Dwight Howard definitely saw it he even did a double take

  23. imagine jeff goldblum joining the c'mon man cast

  24. not gonna lie it feels like the delivery of the folks doing this has gotten worse over time

  25. Eight people does not like Jeff Goldblum commentating voice. C'mon men.

  26. Oh god that was Pain, Please never do that again ESPN; if the delivery was any flatter they would have had to check Jeff G. for a Pulse. Great Actor, Terrible sports Anchor.

  27. Petition to get Jeff Goldblum to do the Not Top 10 plays every week

  28. Interesting experiment with Jeff Goldblum. Hopefully he’s on more, so he can develop other things to say besides “ay, yay, yay.”

  29. I wonder if there is a commentator with a more monotone voice and a lack of humor out there then this guy boring $h!t.

  30. I can do a better job announcing

  31. Jeff Goldblum is a legend. This was awesome. Everyone that disagrees is a lil bitchcake. Yes. Yes, you are. If you disagree with that you're a ballsack.

  32. I think you definitely need work on your nasal voice…kind of shitty if you ask me..your trying way to hard to disguise your voice and every third word or so slips through which gives you away…you can fool some of the people some of the time…but you can not fool all of the people all of the time…we are well aware that its intentionally being done…your not the only one with tricks up your sleeve…I can say things that will make you very nervous…but no need to because that will happen all by itself and I'm not needed for that…but i can say that you definitely will eventually get to a point where you are want to know not only who did it but also how…once you get to the point where you know with 100% certainty that you are fucked…let me know and I will gladly tell you how it was done…some things have been made impossible to destroy a long time ago…methods being used for the fakery mean absolutely nothing so dont think that you can not be touched when everything gets shut down…we already have your balls…or should I say "dick in a vice…whether or not trying to run to test the strength is totally up to you…so I would not start celebrating just yet because there is a very nice surprise already just sitting there at the finish line patiently waiting for your arrival…maybe not nice for you…knowing what I do…and I was in your position…I would start working on my bucket list

  33. This is easily the worst ever. The guy didn't review the material and just ad-libbed it. Not that I could have done any better. Just saying. There's probably a paycheck out there that shouldn't be signed.

  34. Give me KO any day. JG just makes everything sound boring

  35. JEFF GOLDBLUM YESSS!!! 1000x easier on the ears! KO's voice was like nails on a chalkboard!!

  36. Wtf this guy is even worse

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