NFL Top 10 Team Rankings Week 12

NFL week 12 has concluded and with that there are new teams, increases, decreases and sadness in the top 10 this week. Did your team make the list?
Not if it’s the Bears
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  1. Respect to the Bills for not letting Tom down on the second shot in the top 10 😂

  2. Seahawks deserve to be higher

  3. Im a chiefs fan. I like how your honest about your favorite teams without being biased. I just started watching you, I definitely will keep watching

  4. When he says ur team is #1

  5. BTW – Tom, do you follow FiveThirtyEight's football predictions?

  6. Oh, Buffalo will disappoint you, Tom. They will …

  7. Lol I love this channel. Love from a Bears fan.

  8. The packers will still do well in the playoffs. Right? Right?!

  9. I absolutely loved the viking fans impersonation 🤣 but I heard the new york in you come out when you said cheese head gaaaabaarge 😆 wonderful stuff 👏

  10. Ad break right as he vomits, nice placement youtube.

  11. I see no chance for the Viking to beat us (im a Seattle fan) next week

  12. The vikings impression was great.
    But what made me laugh until i almost fainted was when you returned back and just went on to number 5 like nothing ever happened.😂
    Lol. Great work tom

  13. As a descendant of the historical vikings it's a thing of beauty to behold how the shadow incarnation of mr. Grossi comes to life.

    Also, go browns.

  14. Wow, nailed the queens fan impression. Sounds just like all the local dbags 😂

  15. After that 9ers game I do not believe the packers belong on this list honestly …

  16. i bet that live stream was terrible for packers fans lol

  17. His consciousness literally dissociated into a Vikings fan

  18. I think people tend to boost the Saints up more than they're really worth. I can see the Ravens beating the 49ers, who can bounce back by beating the Saints. It will be interesting to see what the Titans can do this Sunday against the Colts. I think the Colts basically own the Titans, but Tennessee is playing with Tannehill, no longer Mariota, and things are looking quite good lately. Maybe next week we'll see the Titans making the Top 10 on somebody's list (Colin Cowherd, Bottom Line View, Goat House, official NFL Power Rankings….).

  19. SKOL SKOL SKOL lol

    Good luck

  20. Lmao the Vikings stuff cracks me up

  21. Tom and the vikings fan have never been seen at the same time

  22. I like the level of analysis given in your videos. It's not super super detailed and esoteric to the point I am bored and dont understand, but it's also not super basic and generic like "this team is good because they won. This team is bad because they gave up a lot of points".

  23. Why do I feel like you should collaborate with GiraffeNeckMarc

  24. Vikings back on top baby! SKOL!!!!

  25. I feel like every Seahawks win has been less than a touchdown. They are great but the play games so tightly.

  26. Tom did we play Sunday I don't remember

  27. My top 5
    1. Green Bay Packers
    2. Kansas City Chiefs
    3. Baltimore Ravens
    4. San Fran 49ers
    5. New England Patriots

    I base this on who I trust most in the playoffs, this season.


  29. Seahawks at 5? They're the 2nd best team in the NFL right now

  30. As a Vikings fan I just loved this 😂😂😂😂💜


  32. Man, as a Vikings fan and seeing that small skit of us Vikings fan, I wish there was a second subscribe button now.

  33. We did it boys!! BILLS ARE TOP 10!

  34. This is gonna be a very stressful December as a Seattle fan. Constantly hoping they win out, and don’t even talk about week 17. Also, the 49ers look like a pretty fricking good team Sunday, which isn’t great.

  35. The Vikings are above the packers!!!!

  36. Also, dude, the Saints play in good weather game in, game out. The Pats play in terrible weather pretty often. Pats score more points per game, average only 16 yards of offense per game less than the Saints and didn't get destroyed by the Falcons. The punishment for your transgressions is a Green Bay Packer loss to the Vikings. 42-3. Not even sorry.

  37. Alright the patriots barley lost since did you see the weather it was freezing ,while it was raining!

  38. Hold up. Did you just say that the Saints defense is more consistent than the Pats?

  39. I really like the Turkey plush on the left!

  40. Love the Vikings part

  41. As much as I'd like to avoid NFL talk for a few days I gotta support you Tom

  42. "Pizza cheese head garbages" 😂😂😂

  43. "The 49ers welcomed one of the best teams in the NFL into their building and made the Packers look like an XFL expansion franchise." – quote from Week 12 NFL Power Rankings

  44. We live in a world where this could be the divisional round: 49ers-Seahawks, Packers-Vikings, Patriots-Bills, Ravens-Steelers. Which would be frigging awesome…

  45. Not gonna lie. That vikings part kinda scared me. Not like haunted house scared, but unsettling

  46. I kid you not usa today sports put texans at number 6, saying theyre defense was impenetrable even without watt. A week after the ravens made their defense look like a college team.

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