NFL Power Rankings: Raiders enter top 10 | Pro Football Talk | NBC Sports

Mike Florio reveals his Week 12 NFL Power Rankings which has the Raiders in the top 10 for the first time this year. #NBCSports #ProFootballTalk #NFL #PowerRankings #OaklandRaiders
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NFL Power Rankings: Raiders enter top 10 | Pro Football Talk | NBC Sports

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  1. Stopped watching after week 6 thinking these guys were a big disappointment, back on week and they are worst, they make no sense.

    Go 9ers!

  2. I get San Francisco at 4 but I really they're going to struggle down the stretch with that schedule. It amazing how 5 teams in the NFC all have a legit shot at getting a bye.

  3. Seahawks ain’t gonna last in #2. No offense but a team made up of literally only Russell Wilson putting the whole team on his back isn’t lasting. But watch him prove me wrong. Russell Wilson could very well drag that sack of potatoes all the way. Football is a funky sport

  4. I love what the Raiders are doing right now.

  5. Chargers are not an L.A. team. They wont do what I suggest but they should change their uniform & Name.

  6. Brady is not playing on another team get a grip already chargers offense holds the ball too long Brady will retire with the pats watch

  7. All you fools saying were fake and raiders don’t deserve the #10 spot, we had one of the hardest schedules in the NFL, a team full of rookies and a lot of injuries and u guys are still hating 🤣🤣🤣 raider haters for sure! RN4L!

  8. Tom Brady to the Chargers 😂😂😂…lay off the Scotch in the Am O Head

  9. Imagine if Antonio wasn’t a D-bag

    Imagine if Johnathan abram didn’t get injured 1st game

    Imagine if vontaze burfict wasn’t suspended

    The raiders are already doing this much we are way better then last year and all those who thought we were gonna be bad 🤷🏻‍♂️ exceeded everyone’s expectations

  10. Yes, the Raiders squeak out a win against the mighty Bengals. Raiders looked like garbage in that game. Move Em up. Sure why not.

  11. Keep disrespecting the 49ers

  12. I'm a Bills fan and there's no way we're better than the Cowboys, Texans, or Eagles.

  13. I'm a Seahawks fan in Seattle, but I think they're disrespecting San Francisco. Their only loss went to the very end of OT, and their defense caused 4 turnovers. I think they should be number one.

  14. I hope the Seahawks and the Ravens meet in the Super Bowl, so Russ can go off! They should have met in Super Bowl 47.

  15. Plz:


    Wilson eats the Patriots every time he plays them, except for one play — which happens to be the biggest play ever! 😒

    That will never happen again. In fact, Russ beat the sh*t out of the Patriots the last time he played them.

  16. Tom Brady is old, he is slowing down, he needs to retire, or play one more and go

  17. As a Raider fan I don't believe we are top 10 yet I think about 12-13 is more accurate if we beat the chiefs then feel free to put us there cuz we'll have earned it

  18. I liked it more when they doubted the raiders

  19. The bills are not a top 10 team. Also Vikings over chiefs because Vikings offense is better than chiefs defense.

  20. Raiders will lose this week to the jets…happy for them post ab drama but not gonna last with gruden…lucky year for them and they still a average team

  21. raiders would be top 5 if we didnt have the most penalty yards and tons of mistakes

  22. Niners #4? Seahawks #2???? lolololol

  23. Florio just say Cousins is comparable to Mahomes?? LOL this guy lost any credibility he may have had.

  24. Yes, The Ravens are the best team in the NFL. They are fun to watch also.

  25. Both buffalo and oakland are teams AB didn’t want to play for. Both Buffalo and Oakland are in the top ten. Love it

  26. I like those rankings. Bills and raiders are interchangeable. I do think if josh Allen keeps progressing, the bills will be a very good team. Josh Allen doesn’t get a lot of credit but when he is playing good he looks amazing. Bills will be a top 5 team in the league the next 5-7 seasons if Allen can keep improving

  27. Anybody who knows anything about football knows the Raitards arent a top 10 team.
    Look at who they’ve beaten, the Lions, the Chargers, the Bears, the Broncos, the Colts and the tanking Bengals.
    None of those teams they beat by more than a touchdown, when they faced real teams like the Packers, Chiefs and Vikings they got their asses handed to them.
    The Raitards are pretenders, not contenders, these fools are stupid af to rank them in the top 10 LMFAO.

  28. The texans should be higher

  29. Lifelong Raiders fan, I think the NFL is overhyping us really. Everytime we play a good team we get beat up. Defense has to many inconsistencies. Hoping for 8-8.

  30. Vikes lost to the Chiefs in Kansas City and they mention Mahomes being out but they don't make excuse for Vikings missing Thielen. Chiefs vs Vikings on neutral field could favor Vikings because defense. Then again, Rhodes are wide the F open.

  31. These rankings are always stupid and mean nothing…..only thing I like is that the Raiders are getting some love.

  32. Imagine if AB and Vontaze weren't crazy and Jonathan Abrams didn't get hurt.

  33. 49ers need to be above seattle. 49ers lost that game seattle did not win it.49ers had injuries that they will get back.

  34. Niners where number 1 lose by 3 in ot without our kicker and drop 4 spots gtfoh lol

  35. Cant hate on PFT's pick of Kirk there, as far as Passer of the football hes been the best QB since week 5. Hes won 2 prime time games which was something he "couldn't" do and then he came back and won down 20 last week. Deff in the conversation.

  36. Raiders, they are building a great foundation. I expected Gruden to make a splash in his 3rd year. He moved that line up real quick. Raiders haters are coming out…. I love their hate. We still have Chicago's first round next year too…

  37. Lmao top 10?🤣🤣🤣🤣 hownyou gone have the Raiders but not the Texans🤦🏽‍♂️

  38. Haven’t seen that in a loonnnggg time

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